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Boutiques is a cross-platform descriptive command-line framework for applications.

The Power of Boutiques Tools

Boutiques is a framework to make data analysis tools Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). An overview of the framework and its capabilities is available here, and a more complete description is here.


Simple! Just open your favourite terminal and type:

$ pip install boutiques

Alongside installing the Boutiques package, this will also ensure the dependencies are installed for basic functionality: simplejson, jsonschema, termcolor, and tabulate. With this, you'll be able to validate and run your tools through Boutiques. For full functionality, you can install the library as follows:

$ pip install boutiques[all]

This will add some more dependencies, and let you use all of the features: requests, pytest, termcolor, oyaml, tabulate and mock. Now you'll also be able to search for tools and publish your own and records from when you ran your tool!

If you want the latest changes that aren't officially released yet, you can also install directly from GitHub:

$ pip install "git+"


Our tutorial will introduce you to the main Boutiques features through its command line and Python APIs. Give it a try!


Excited by the project and want to get involved?! Please check out our contributing guide, and look through the issues (in particular, those tagged with "good first issue") to start seeing where you can lend a hand. We look forward to approving your amazing contributions!


We have a simple and a complex Boutiques descriptor to help you get started with your own descriptor.