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Lullabyte: An Android Internet-of-Things app

Demo Video:
Tester Reaction 1:
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Improve story-time with animations and mood lighting

The time parents spend with their children has a high impact towards the childrens' personal development. UC Irvine research shows that today’s parents spend more time with their children compared to parents did 50 years ago (Reference 1). We want to improve the quality of the time that the parents spend with their children. In our digital era where tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous, it is not enough for children to just listen to stories.

Our solution: We will create an app that will recognize and analyze what the parents read and transform this spoken story into an animation/slideshow of relevant images. Our plan is to use the IBM Watson speech to text library to create an app integrated with an image gallery and Phillips Hue Lightbulbs to bring bedtime stories to life.



Relevant content in this GitHub Repo is located at-

Android app code:

Final Report:

Android App APK:

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