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Note: This project is no longer under active development.

alm: Academic Laboratory Management

alm is my approach at an academic laboratory management system.

It will serve to:

  • Keep track of orders
  • Keep track of where stuff is stored
  • Keep track of protocols and experiments
  • Keep track of the materials used in the experiments
  • Keep track of the samples generated in an experiment

In my experience, workflows in academic research labs are often not connected: If a reagent is ordered, chances are the order is recorded in an Excel(R) file. When the reagent is received, maybe there will be a freezer or shelf log to indicate where it is stored. The experimental protocols will certainly mention what reagents were used, but maybe they will not contain any information about the maker of the reagent and the order number. Finally, the samples generated in the experiment will of course be recorded in the lab notebook, but may or may not appear in the general storage catalog.

alm is supposed to be a central organizer for all things research lab. I have conceived it as a server app with a web interface, so that several people can share the same data and access it from any computer that has a network connection.

It is my first Rails app, and I am going to build it piece by piece.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

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