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Unregister package requests #120

satazor opened this issue Nov 3, 2012 · 897 comments

Unregister package requests #120

satazor opened this issue Nov 3, 2012 · 897 comments


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@satazor satazor commented Nov 3, 2012

Edit (April 2014): Updated by @paulirish & @sheerun

Package unregistering will be available via bower unregister <package> soon, but for now, you can unregister packages yourself using curl, if the package is hosted on GitHub and you're an owner or collaborator.

curl -X DELETE ""
  • Where PACKAGE is the package name you want to delete and TOKEN is GitHub's Personal Access Token that you can fetch from here:
  • A default GitHub Personal Access Token will work -- no permissions necessary
  • You need to be an owner or collaborator of the repo and URL needs to be OK.
  • You'll likely want to bower cache clean after your change.
  • Please remember it is generally considered bad behavior to remove versions of a library that others are depending on. Think twice :)

If the above doesn't work for you, we can handle your case manually (and please post below). And again, soon we'll be addressing the remaining issues so this is much easier for everyone. :) Cheers.

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@marcobarbosa marcobarbosa commented May 8, 2013

Trying to register 'gsap-js' gives:

bower error Duplicate package


$ bower search gsap-js No results

Could you check if it exists/unregister gsap-js ?

[danheberden] 2013-05-21 - there are no packages named gsap, let alone no packages with gsap in their name

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@kaelig kaelig commented May 8, 2013

Request to change package URL (or unregister): sass-hidpi

URL should be: git:// (instead of git://

👍 [danheberden] updated

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@AlexGalays AlexGalays commented May 9, 2013

'collection' The repo should be git://

Once this is done, please unregister 'collection-js'

Many thanks

👍 [danheberden] 2013-05-21 updated

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@ninjatux ninjatux commented May 12, 2013



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@PascalPrecht PascalPrecht commented May 14, 2013

@satazor It'd be great if you could take care of the endpoints of the following bower packages:

angular-translate, neoskop-angular-wiring-diagram-finder

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@jpennell jpennell commented May 16, 2013

Please unregister: query-timepicker-addon
It's currently registered to point at a fork, the original owner of the repo would like to register it properly.


👍 [danheberden] 2013-05-13 removed jquery-timepicker-addon

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@johnpolacek johnpolacek commented May 18, 2013

I seem to have made the common mistake of using the wrong repo path. Can you unregister SuperScrollorama so I can fix?

Bad repo:

Should be:

👍 [danheberden] updated the repo url for you

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@petermichaux petermichaux commented May 19, 2013

Will someone be attending to this ticket soon? Bower is effectively useless to the community if registrations are incorrect because developers cannot rely on bower to automate installs and updates correctly.

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@Freyskeyd Freyskeyd commented May 19, 2013

ChartJS >> created by me by mistake :/

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@i8ramin i8ramin commented May 20, 2013

Was Lungo removed or renamed? I can no longer installed it. I get the follow errors:

bower cloning git://
bower caching git://
bower error status code of git: 128

There were errors, here's a summary of them:
- lungo status code of git: 128
fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.

- lungo status code of git: 128
fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.

It seems related to the Capitalization of "TapQuo". When I try to manually clone git://, it fails. However, if I am able to clone git://

(FYI @soyjavi)

👍 [danheberden] 2013-05-21 fixed the git url

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@danheberden danheberden commented May 21, 2013

Sorry for the delays - see comments inline in your particular request. packagename means it was removed. Thanks for your contributions to the bower ecosystem!

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@i8ramin i8ramin commented May 21, 2013

Thanks Dan! I created the following packages when the lungo ones were broken. Feel free to remove them.


No rush on these. Mucho gracias

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@liccy-fuentes liccy-fuentes commented Feb 12, 2015

Please rename git-pu-video to pu-video. Thank you!

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@panterz panterz commented Feb 19, 2015

I am trying to unregister a bower package called fieldtrip-extend-record. I am a collaborator but when I run the one below
curl -X DELETE

I am getting the error that I am not a collaborator.

Is it possible to manually unregister it for me?

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@warpech warpech commented Feb 19, 2015

Please re-register: fast-json-patch git://
to: git://

@wibblymat wibblymat removed the bounty label Feb 21, 2015
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@sorich87 sorich87 commented Feb 21, 2015

Please re-register inject to

It was asked for in a previous comment #120 (comment), but it hasn't been done. :)

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@desandro desandro commented Feb 21, 2015

  • @liccy-fuentes registered pu-video to git://
  • @panterz unregistered fieldtrip-extend-record
  • @warpech re-registered fast-json-patch to git:// ➡️
  • @sorich87 re-registered inject to git:// ➡️

Thank you for using Bower!

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@tocker tocker commented Feb 22, 2015

Can you please process @seba-1511's request so that the package cloudinary is released and can be registered to @cloudinary's master repository (

  • release package cloudinary from git://
  • register package cloudinary to git://


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@mxriverlynn mxriverlynn commented Feb 25, 2015

Hello - I need to get a bower package unregistered from my name / github account, as the repository was moved.

The original repository was derickbailey/backbone.syphon - the package was backbone.syphon

if you could get that package unregistered so that the new team maintaining it can register the new version, that would be awesome.


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@ssc-hrep3 ssc-hrep3 commented Mar 1, 2015

Can you remove the package jquery-loadtemplate? I removed the github repository and need the package to be deleted. Thank you!

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@sbstjn sbstjn commented Mar 3, 2015

timesheet.js git:// is not available anymore
timesheet git:// is not available anymore

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@abedurftig abedurftig commented Mar 4, 2015

Hello, could you please move the model-validator package?

From: git://
To: git://

GitHub account has been renamed. Thanks very much!

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@desandro desandro commented Mar 4, 2015

  • @tocker @seba-1511 re-registered cloudinary to git:// ➡️
  • @derickbailey unregistered backbone.syphon
  • @ssc-hrep3 unregistered jquery-loadtemplate
  • @sbstjn unregistered timesheet.js . timesheet is still registered as it's properly pointing to git://
  • @abedurftig re-registered model-validator to git:// ➡️

No need to say thanks. Thank you for using Bower 🐦

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@thisisjohnwill thisisjohnwill commented Mar 6, 2015

Hi - can you please unregister jwt-decode-test ? Thanks!

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@bbooth bbooth commented Mar 14, 2015

Need to remove ember-cli-skycons-shim. Ended up not needing it. The curl for me keeps returning a 404 :(

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@evanvosberg evanvosberg commented Mar 21, 2015

Hello, could you please move the crypto-js package?

From: git://
To: git://

Since the original repo doesn't exists anymore and my one is already well known on npm people asked for adding bower support. I just did so and added bower support and released a new version.

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@kirill-konshin kirill-konshin commented Mar 24, 2015

As a follow up for comment #120 (comment) -- the package is currently registered as crypto-js-evanvosberg. The original crypto-js package cannot be downloaded anymore due to 404 (repo has been deleted).

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@RenatoUtsch RenatoUtsch commented Mar 25, 2015


Could you please unregister the polynvd3 package? I recreated it under the poly-nvd3 name.

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@cubedro cubedro commented Mar 27, 2015

Could you please move ethereum.js
FROM: git://
TO: git://

Thank you!

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@sheerun sheerun commented Mar 31, 2015

Hey everyone. Bower 1.4.0 now includes unregister feature.

If you're still unable to unregister your component, please open an issue on bower/registry.

@sheerun sheerun closed this Mar 31, 2015
@bower bower locked and limited conversation to collaborators Mar 31, 2015
@bower bower unlocked this conversation Mar 31, 2015
@bower bower unlocked this conversation Mar 31, 2015
@bower bower locked and limited conversation to collaborators Mar 31, 2015
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