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Unregister package requests [$250] #120

satazor opened this Issue November 03, 2012 · 566 comments

407 participants

André Cruz

Edit (April 2014): Updated by @paulirish & @sheerun

Package unregistering will be available via bower unregister <package> soon, but for now, you can unregister packages yourself using curl, if the package is hosted on GitHub and you're an owner or collaborator.

curl -X DELETE ""
  • Where PACKAGE is the package name you want to delete and TOKEN is GitHub's Personal Access Token that you can fetch from here:
  • You need to be an owner or collaborator of the repo and URL needs to be OK.
  • You'll likely want to bower cache clean after your change.
  • Please remember it is generally considered bad behavior to remove versions of a library that others are depending on. Think twice :)

If the above doesn't work for you, we can handle your case manually (and please post below). And again, soon we'll be addressing the remaining issues so this is much easier for everyone. :) Cheers.

There is a $250 open bounty on this issue. Add to the bounty at Bountysource.

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in yeoman/yeoman January 08, 2013
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Marco Barbosa

Trying to register 'gsap-js' gives:

bower error Duplicate package


$ bower search gsap-js
No results

Could you check if it exists/unregister gsap-js ?

[danheberden] 2013-05-21 - there are no packages named gsap, let alone no packages with gsap in their name

kaelig commented May 08, 2013

Request to change package URL (or unregister): sass-hidpi

URL should be: git:// (instead of git://

:+1: [danheberden] updated

'collection' The repo should be git://

Once this is done, please unregister 'collection-js'

Many thanks

:+1: [danheberden] 2013-05-21 updated

Valerio Barrilà



Pascal Precht

@satazor It'd be great if you could take care of the endpoints of the following bower packages:

angular-translate, neoskop-angular-wiring-diagram-finder

James Pennell

Please unregister: query-timepicker-addon
It's currently registered to point at a fork, the original owner of the repo would like to register it properly.


:+1: [danheberden] 2013-05-13 removed jquery-timepicker-addon

Stu Salsbury stu-salsbury referenced this issue in angular-ui/ui-router May 16, 2013

Bower support #132

John Polacek

I seem to have made the common mistake of using the wrong repo path. Can you unregister SuperScrollorama so I can fix?

Bad repo:

Should be:

:+1: [danheberden] updated the repo url for you

John Polacek johnpolacek referenced this issue in johnpolacek/superscrollorama May 18, 2013

Add Bower support #46

Peter Michaux

Will someone be attending to this ticket soon? Bower is effectively useless to the community if registrations are incorrect because developers cannot rely on bower to automate installs and updates correctly.

Simon Paitrault

ChartJS >> created by me by mistake :/

Ramin B.
i8ramin commented May 20, 2013

Was Lungo removed or renamed? I can no longer installed it. I get the follow errors:

bower cloning git://
bower caching git://
bower error status code of git: 128

There were errors, here's a summary of them:
- lungo status code of git: 128
fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.

- lungo status code of git: 128
fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.

It seems related to the Capitalization of "TapQuo". When I try to manually clone git://, it fails. However, if I am able to clone git://

(FYI @soyjavi)

:+1: [danheberden] 2013-05-21 fixed the git url

Dan Heberden

Sorry for the delays - see comments inline in your particular request. packagename means it was removed. Thanks for your contributions to the bower ecosystem!

Ramin B.
i8ramin commented May 21, 2013

Thanks Dan! I created the following packages when the lungo ones were broken. Feel free to remove them.


No rush on these. Mucho gracias

Dan Heberden

@i8ramin, removed :)

David Luecke
daffl commented May 21, 2013

@danheberden Thanks for changing the canjs reference but it does need to be not the original repository.

We'd like to keep the build file distributables in a separate repository (pretty much like in the illustrious

Dan Heberden

Thanks for the clarification @daffl - removed can (which was that git endpoint) and updated canjs to git://

Dan Heberden

@petermichaux, deleted

Christopher Wellons
skeeto commented May 21, 2013

Each of the following packages have invalid repository URLs. It appears to be a mix up between SSH notation and URI scheme.

  • angular-paginator (git://
  • angularjs-scope.safeapply (git://
  • autocompletejs (git://
  • backbone.generic (git://
  • bugsnag (git://
  • cardify (git://
  • checkjs (git://
  • commonsense-api (git://
  • famelo-navigation (git://
  • fragment (git://
  • jquery.keyfilter (git://
  • jquery.ui.montjquery.ui.monthpicker (git://
  • ng-infinite-scroll (git://
  • rdio (git://
  • scientist.js (git://
  • udeitor (git://
  • ui-calendar (git://
  • testingStash (git://

These have non-public domains.

  • BullhornLess (git://sourcecontrol/GitRepo/BullhornLess)
  • bower-test (git://localhost:8082/git/wav.webclient.component/bower-test)
  • jquerymenu (git:// (also invalid like above)
  • packageName (git://your/git/url.git) (a tutorial package?)

All packages are Git protocol endpoints (git://) except for this single case below, which is SSH. I don't know if this is discouraged or not, but I'm bringing it up just in case.

Dan Heberden danheberden referenced this issue in yearofmoo/AngularJS-Scope.SafeApply May 21, 2013

bower registry #3

Dan Heberden danheberden referenced this issue in mneuhaus/famelo-component-navigation May 21, 2013

bower registry #1

Dan Heberden
  • angular-paginator (git:// updated
  • angularjs-scope.safeapply (git:// messaged repo owner & fixed
  • autocompletejs (git:// updated
  • backbone.generic (git:// updated
  • bugsnag (git:// updated
  • cardify (git:// - removed; jquery-cardify now exists
  • checkjs (git:// removed; check-js exists
  • commonsense-api (git:// removed; commonsense exists
  • famelo-navigation (git:// - removed famelo/navigation and FIXED. messaged user
  • fragment (git:// - updated
  • jquery.keyfilter (git:// deleted; jquery.keyfilter exists
  • jquery.ui.montjquery.ui.monthpicker (git:// - updated
  • ng-infinite-scroll (git:// - updated
  • rdio (git:// Fixed and made a pull request for a bower.json file
  • scientist.js (git:// - updated
  • udeitor (git:// - updated
  • ui-calendar (git:// - removed; exists as angular-ui-calendar
  • testingStash (git:// - updated

These have non-public domains.

  • BullhornLess (git://sourcecontrol/GitRepo/BullhornLess) - removed
  • bower-test (git://localhost:8082/git/wav.webclient.component/bower-test) - removed
  • jquerymenu (git:// (also invalid like above) - removed
  • packageName (git://your/git/url.git) (a tutorial package?) - removed

  • jacket ( - works so not gonna mess with it

Josh Kurz
Dan Heberden

Thanks @skeeto for taking the time to make that list - much appreciated!

Christopher Wellons
skeeto commented May 21, 2013

No problem. This list actually came about out of my lamentations over writing my own Bower client.

Oskar Rough Mosumgaard

please remove rough-navigation-toggle

Dan Heberden

@oskarrough removed.

David Luecke daffl referenced this issue in bitovi/canjs May 22, 2013

Twitter Bower component of CanJS #252

kevin nelson
rknLA commented May 23, 2013

I've merged @danheberden's pull request for jquery.rdio, but I've also updated the name to jquery.rdio. Is there anything I can do to update the name from rdio in the registry?


David Mauro
dmauro commented May 26, 2013

Please unregister itg_twig.js. Someone registered my project with a seemingly random name. Not sure how they did since I didn't have a manifest.json file (adding one now).

Rob Wierzbowski

@danheberden Re: Team-Sass/jacket Yep, sindresorhus has just told me that's discouraged because although you can download it, it doesn't work with

Please unregister Team-Sass/jacket and I'll re-register with the correct protocol.

Alvaro Véliz

Please, unrgister "packageName", I just copied and pasted from a tutorial >_<

Derek Petersen

Please unregister jquery-touchclick The project has been renamed/resubmitted

AJ Self
ajself commented May 29, 2013

Please unregister bootstrap-js. Doesn't appear to be a valid repo anymore. git://

Skyler Brungardt

Please either rename TimelineJS to timelinejs, or make searching for "timelinejs" match results for "TimelineJS" also.

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 renamed

Lars Kappert
webpro commented June 01, 2013

Please fix url for or unregister "requirejs-handlebars".

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 fixed

Ankit Patial

please remove simsaw-baas and fix url of simsaw-baas-client to git://

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url

Nicolas Markovic

please remove : popo2000 git://


Please remove angular-smoothscroll or re-register it with : git://

I registered with a wrong URL format (which worked by the way: git://

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url

Sean Lang slang800 referenced this issue in Acquisio/bootstrap-stylus June 07, 2013

Add bower.json to allow this to be installed via bower #12

Kumar Harsh

Unregister: angular-overscroll (codeless repo)

Patrick Heneise

Please remove: angular-markdown git://, there's a mistake in the git link, need to re-publish again.

Jozef Izso


I've used wrong URL, this one is correct: git://

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url

Gianluca Guarini

Please unregister jQuery.BlackAndWhite it has been renamed and resubmitted

Dmitry Ananichev

Please unregister

In both cases installing not working due wrong URLs.


please delete :


i made a typo in the package name , the correct name is webdb.js

Raphael Pigulla

Please unregister mersennetwister, or even better yet, change it to - I registered it with the wrong github url... m(

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url

Tiago Duarte

unregister chart.js or update the url to git://

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated

Dan Heberden

Please see comment request for status update - all requests ^above^ are resolved.

Nicolas Gryman

Made a mistake for page-legacy's url : git://

Fred Delrieu

please can you unregister GumbyUI-breadcrumb ? I did an other package with this code.


Ahmed Nuaman

Greensock-AS3 and Greensock-JS


hello bower team.

This is insanehong

Please can you unregister protip .

currently fail to parse json.

git end-point


Colin Bellino

Hello there.

I made a mistake in the URL so it would be awesome if you could remove this one : angular-oauth
I will submit it again with a valid URL this time :)

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance !


hurried to submit w/o a manifest in the local folder. chai authors extracted assertion-error in a separate repo but the links between packages are broken and chaijs/assertion-error is not correctly linked in the registry

Jorik Tangelder

I made a mistake registeren yass.js, i registered a fixed one as Yass.js. could you remove yass.js and rename Yass.js to yass.js? thnx

Joris Ooms

Please remove 'cupcake'. Made a mistake with the git endpoint. Thanks.

Derek Ries


Ohhh, 4:30 am typos how I love you



url typo

Jon Schlinkert

remove: assemble

We transferred the repo so the address is wrong. Thanks!

klempa commented June 22, 2013

Please remove:

  • melonJS- old url, needs updating
  • bower - wrong url, added by accident when trying to register new melonJS package.
Ryan Brodkin

Please update bca-flag-sprite to the correct URL git://

Jack Moore

please remove: jquery.colorbox

tachun lin
tachun commented June 23, 2013

Hello, I made a mistake when I registered my plugin,
please update fbpagestarter to the correct URL git://

thanks a lot

Mark Rendle

Please remove dt-jquery, I muffed the GitHub URL.

Martin Øinæs Myrseth
myme commented June 24, 2013

elvis => git://

I accidentally a ':' in the original URL. Didn't immediately find the git read-only url with the new layout, so just typed it in manually. Any chance of validating a repo before hitting the prompt?

Sean Doyle seanpdoyle referenced this issue in cloudmine/cloudmine-js June 24, 2013

Added Support for Bower #12

Patrik Henningsson
pahen commented June 25, 2013

Please update the URL for mixpanel from to (new package maintainer).

sntx commented June 25, 2013

please update the url for montuno from git://sntx/git/bower.git to git://sntx/git/montuno.git (typo when registering)


Please update flamsteed url from:





Joseph Werle
jwerle commented June 26, 2013

please update typedof url from





Please delete this package
it does not work, This does not accept

Nicola Sanitate


Gleb Bahmutov

progress-full-width or point it to new public github repo (I registered progress-bars) git://

Michael Schulze

please update yamlurl from






I would like to unregister: angularjs and swipejs ; registered under my username chaoscod3r . Thanks

Gianluca Guarini

Please remove
and rename
"t-js" to "t"

Mikael Karon

update troopjs from git:// to git://

Michael Yin

please remove jquery-ui.datarange.git (git://

Robin Böhm

kendo git://

please remove, sorry for that :S

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in bower/registry July 02, 2013

Remove Backgrid from the registry #19

Luca Del Bianco

please remove

or change it to

(its actually pointing to a wrong url git://


Please remove the following packages:


Also either remove the following:


or repoint it to:


Currently I have it as git:// which I think is the reason that I am getting get error 128.


I just registered "Ladda", but wasn't aware that I can't register "ladda" as well. Please rename it or remove the capitalized one so I can add it again. Thank you.

Tom Zellman

Please update bbcode from






Please remove these packages. Thanks

Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong

Please remove backgrid from the registry. Thank you.

László Monda


bower register FileSaver git://

instead of

bower register FileSaver git://

Could you fix it, please?

JiyinYiyong 题叶

Oh... here again...
As Github no longer show a url with git:// protocol, I tried to type by hand.
Then I made mistakes here...

➤➤ bower register chrono git://
Registering a package will make it visible and installable via the registry.
Proceed (y/n)? y
registered chrono to git://
➤➤ bower install chrono
bower cloning git://
bower caching git://
bower error status code of git: 128

There were errors, here's a summary of them:
- chrono status code of git: 128
fatal: unable to connect to Servname not supported for ai_socktype

I don't mean to unregister, but please correct it.
Sorry for that :(

Elad Elrom

Please remove roomsjs

Mark Chapman

Please remove angular-forms (which should have been forms-angular but I was sleeping).


Please remove git:// (mavis)

I've resubmitted it with the correct URL and the more appropriate name jquery-mavis

fohara commented July 05, 2013

Please re-register "carryall" with the following url: "git://".

Duncan Wong
badunk commented July 05, 2013

same issue with me, please re-register "js-fixtures" from git:// to git://


please unregister bootstrap-rtl mistakenly I added it with git rep ending with period as git://


Erik Bryn
ebryn commented July 06, 2013

ember-model - need to update the url

Maxime Bergeron
maxmx commented July 08, 2013

Please unregister bootstrap-stylus' I'll register a mroe recent version

Paul Irish

a fine Tuesday to all you good looking folks!!

the above requests have all been sorted!

a few additional notes:

@sntx i fixed the URL you requested.

@michsch I feel pretty weird about a CSS Multicol library taking the "yaml" namespace. can it not be "yaml-css" instead? (I made your repo url change regardless.

@mondalaci Something's busted with this FileSaver package. I'm gonna need some help on it.

@badunk same with js-fixtures. :/

@ankitpatial I also fixed your mis-fixed URL. ;)

Michael Schulze

@paulirish I agree, but it's not my repo and i don't know who registered it. Just wrote the project owner (@djesse) and i think he'll answer that question soon. Thanks for changing the URL. ;-)

Scott Bessler

angular-ui-bootstrap is bad (it doesn't contain the dist files, angular-bootstrap is the proper one)

[2013-07-23] might be used internally; need project maintainer/committer to request removal

Pawel Kozlowski pkozlowski-opensource referenced this issue in angular-ui/bootstrap July 09, 2013

fix bower install #643

Dirk Jesse
djesse commented July 09, 2013

@paulirish @michsch More than a month ago I posted a question in the Bower Google group but didn't get any answer. I don't know who registered the YAML CSS framework for Bower but I would highly appreciate to name the package "yamlcss" as this is also the Twitter account I use for several years now as well as the used organisation name at Github where the framework code is hosted.

[2013-07-23] renamed yaml -> yamlcss

László Monda

@paulirish Please let me know how can I help you regarding FileSaver. I'm not sure what the problem is.

Lukáš Mladý

Please rename bits-css-display to bits-css-utils-display (or remove it, I would re-register it myself). Thank you!

[2013-07-23] renamed

unsay commented July 10, 2013

Please unregister node-uuid so it can be re-registered under the primary and maintained repo at broofa/node-uuid.

[2013-07-23] renamed

Cheton Wu
cheton commented July 10, 2013

Please unregister jquery.DataTables ( It is a duplicate of datatables (

[2013-07-23] removed fork

Cheton Wu
cheton commented July 10, 2013

Please unregister DataTables as well.

[2013-07-23] points to proper repo; please have package committer request removal

Note. please note that it is case sensitive.

László Monda mondalaci referenced this issue in eligrey/FileSaver.js July 11, 2013

Bower registration problem #35

James Allardice

Please unregister angular-emoji. It's now been renamed and registered as angular-emoji-filter.

Pascal Hartig
passy commented July 11, 2013

typeahead refers to git:// which does not exist. (Correct one is typeahead.js.)

Pascal Hartig
passy commented July 11, 2013
  • ng-infinitescroll git://
  • ng-scroll-infinite git://
  • ng-infinite-scroll git://
Javi Jiménez

Please remove

lungo.js git://
lungo.icon git://
lungo.brownie git://
lungo.sugar.gmap git://


Please remove

portal_platform_ui git://
platform_ui_2 git://
platform_ui git://

Much appreciated, thank you

Jordan Austin

@mondalaci @paulirish It looks like FileSaver is working correctly - I'm able to do bower install file-saver with no issues.

Sven Lito
svnlto commented July 11, 2013

Can the following packages please be removed.

testeventappstest1 git://localhost:8000/test/packages/testeventappstest/testeventappstest.git
testeventappstest git://localhost:8000/test/packages/testeventappstest.git
testeventappstest3 git://localhost:8000/test/
testestest12 git://
jquery-test123123 git://
test-ba git://
test-a git://


Alberto Alcaraz


Dmytro Piliugin
suaron commented July 13, 2013

Please remove font-awesome-rails

Ryan Foster


FangDun Cai
fundon commented July 14, 2013
  • Please remove sea git://

  • Update seajs from





Giles Lavelle

Please remove mathjax and jquery-console.

[2013-07-23] fixed jquery-console url

Giles Lavelle

Also dropbox. It's the right repo, but it doesn't contain the built library, only the source. Might need a shim repo for this one.

[2013-07-23] Might be used internally; please have someone from that org request removal

Vaibhav Kanwal

Please remove sass_mixin_scale and sass_mixin_rem

[2013-07-23] please have committer/owner of sass_mixin_rem request removal.

Lukáš Mladý

Please unregister all bits-css-* packages (replaced by bits-scss-*). Thank you!

Cheton Wu
cheton commented July 15, 2013

Please remove jquery.blockUI or modify the URL in the registry since the version is not semantic version number.

bower search jquery.blockUI

Search results:

    jquery.blockUI git://

[2013-07-23] removed; exists as blockui

Jörn Zaefferer


[2013-07-23] updated to correct repo

Jörn Zaefferer jzaefferer referenced this issue in jquery/qunit July 15, 2013

Add bower.json #461

Witoo Harianto
witooh commented July 15, 2013

please remove metronic


please remove arkui git://

Diego Muñoz Escalante
  • I have a typo in my URL. I need to edit it somehow or register the package again:

Package: ember-data-tastypie-adapter at git://

Wesley Cho

ui-chart - would like it to be angular-ui-chart

Edit: Also would like what is currently angular-ui-chart deleted - wrong url

[2013-07-23] ui-chart deleted, angular-ui-chart: fixed url.

Maxime Bergeron
maxmx commented July 17, 2013


made a typo on register :/

[2013-07-23] fixed url format

Luke Bunselmeyer
wmluke commented July 17, 2013


made a typo on register :/

[2013-07-23] fixed url format

Luke Bunselmeyer wmluke referenced this issue in AresProjectManagement/angular-locale-bundles July 17, 2013

bower install fails #1

Philipp Scheit

please correct my typo from qunit-assert


[2013-07-23] fixed url format

Jon Schlinkert jonschlinkert referenced this issue in guybedford/require-less July 18, 2013

Remove `less` from bower directory #22




  • made a typo fossil-i18n -> fossil-i18next (git://
Nick Heiner

Please remove shared-frontend-dependencies: git:// (

Nick Heiner

Incidentally, if I'm running this bower server locally, how do I remove packages?


Could you please remove ressac-form (git:// I realized I should use https protocol instead. Thank you.

[2013-07-23] replaced url

André Cruz

@NickHeiner you have to issue a DELETE query manually on the db.

Jon Schlinkert
  • please remove assemble-bootstrap
Lukáš Mladý
  • Please unregister all bits-css[-] and bits-scss[-] packages (replaced by bits-sass[-*]). Thank you!
Jorge Álvarez
jeam commented July 20, 2013
  • Please update rutjs to git://
Jarid Margolin
  • Please remove basestation
  • please remove > angular-timer.
Deividi cavarzan referenced this issue in siddii/angular-timer July 22, 2013

Bower support #10

Dan Heberden

All above requests complete

If yours was missed, needed more info, or wasn't done properly, check for a status in your original comment and re-submit below.

@passy re: typehead, it'd be nice to get conf from that repo to make sure it's not pointing to a private repo they use in-house.

Wesley Cho

ui-chart was not renamed to angular-ui-chart

Pascal Hartig
passy commented July 23, 2013

@danheberden Good point, didn't think about that possibility.

Gavin Davies
gavD commented July 23, 2013

Please rename jqMobi to intel-appframework - please see discussion here: 01org/appframework#236


  • Gav
Giles Lavelle lavelle referenced this issue in dropbox/dropbox-js July 23, 2013

Twitter Bower support. #91

Nate Goldman ngoldman referenced this issue in Esri/Terraformer July 24, 2013

Publish as a bower package #112

Patrick Arlt patrickarlt referenced this issue in Esri/esri-leaflet July 24, 2013

Register as Bower Package #104

Alberto Alcaraz



Lukáš Mladý

Please unregister all bits-sass-mixins[-*]. Thank you!

Jon Schlinkert

please change git:// to git://


Jason Kulatunga

please change the pouchdb-ng package from to

  • Please update jquery.spriteAnimation from



Giorgio Leveroni
ppold commented July 25, 2013
  • Please change salvattore endpoint to git://
André Cruz

For those who are still using < 1.0.0, please upgrade because the new register command prevent mistakes when registering!


Hello folks, first, thanks for your work, bower is really a kickass techno.

Is it possible to update the endpoint of vast-client-js

Thanks a lot for you help

louis cuny
lou commented August 01, 2013
  • Please update multiselect from


louis cuny lou referenced this issue in lou/multi-select August 01, 2013

Git endpoint is incorrect in Bower registry #84

Stas Krichevsky

Can you please remove angular-d3-directive? It's supposed to be angular-d3-directives, i made a typo.


Matthew Mckenzie

i made a typo on register can you remove jsui & jsui_ and change jsui__ to jsui




Alex Vanston


Can you please remove angular-tunnels? Or if it's easier, just change it to git://


Olivier Scherrer

Hi, I made a typo, can you remove 'emiliy'?

Olivier Scherrer

additionally, 'olives-prod' should point to and not



Hi, Can you update the endpoint of bootstrap-javascript

  • from: git://
  • to: git://

Thank you.

✌ Makis Tracend tracend referenced this issue in backbone-api/facebook August 06, 2013

Problems with bower installation #5

Mikk Kirstein

Please remove angular-whenever


Please remove backbone-api-facebook, thats duplicated to backbone.api.facebook but the url of backbone.api.facebook is outdated. Can you update the url to the new, right one?

backbone.api.facebook = git:// (old)
Change it to git://

Tim Schaub

Looks like closure-library is registered with git:// (this fails with an eventual timeout).

(Note that this will only work with releases that include the fixes in #747.)

@stephenplusplus edit: ** changed to git:// **

Kyle Simukka

please remove d3-parsets, the git url is wrong.

Walter Miller

ckeditor doesn't work as of yesterday, someone changed the default branch.

bootstrap-ui and angular-ui-bootstrap also don't work.

Gaiffe Antoine

Could you update the jquery-minicolors endpoint ?

jquery-minicolors => git://
jquery-minicolors => git://


Simon Blee



Stephen Sawchuk

Hey, everyone! The following packages have been unregistered / updated.











I didn't remove this one; instead I changed it to angular-d3-directives. If you do wish for it to be removed or updated again, let me know.













@tschaub and @mmerchel, I passed your requests onto @satazor to be sure they are handled correctly.

If anything was skipped or messed up, let me know!


Thank you very much Stephen!
Have a nice day :)

Stephen Sawchuk

@tschaub done!

@mmerchel done!

Dexter Hsieh

Please rename node-geoip to geoip-lite. Thanks,

Gavin Davies
gavD commented August 14, 2013

Thanks :-)

Alex Vanston

@stephenplusplus Dude, you're awesome. Thanks so much.

Stephen Sawchuk

No problem, buddies!

@dexterhsieh done :+1:

Richard Lee

Please help update backbone endpoint from

Thanks :+1:

Belén Albeza

midiutils , pointing to a bad github URL

I put the correct one at MIDIUtils

Cheng Lou


Sorry for the trouble, totally screwed up the naming format.

Edit: thanks!

André Cruz

@dlackty we can't do that, only git:// endpoints are allowed. Bower should be downloading the tar archive from https.// and even if it fallbacks to git:// we now print a useful message for users behind proxies. What version of bower are you using?

Richard Lee

@satazor Sorry for the typo that I didn't double check when pasting it. You're right and it should be git:// endpoint. I just updated the comment above and it should be git://

fyi The reason why I would like to change it is because the official backbone repo on GitHub was migrated from documentcloud to jashkenas. All requests to documentcloud/backkbone on GitHub now get redirected to jashkenas/backbone.

Krzysztof Hasiński

Package angular-mousetrap.

URL says: git://
But it should be: git://

My bad, sorry :/

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in sindresorhus/bower-components August 20, 2013

Content duplication #30

Tomás Aparicio

Update jshashes package repo URL please!
It should be:

Thanks a lot!!

David Holmes

Please update or unregister the 'skulpt' package



and replace with our distribution location:


(we recently turned skulpt into an organization from bnmnetp, and we are also serving only the compiled files through Bower).

Thank You.

Stephen Sawchuk



Richard, I changed Underscore.js as well :cool:

@juno5460 -- couldn't find fries. It must have been deleted already somehow. Hmm.

Tim Schaub

@tschaub done!

Oops. @stephenplusplus looks to me like closure-library is now registered with https+git:// Please change this to the following:


(Note the git before https.)


Stephen Sawchuk

Oops, got it now. Sorry about the mixup!


Please unregister this package




Hi i submitted a typo I have registered leapsjs should be leapjs.


Dominik Porada

Please remove the package:

  • griddle-patched
Stephen Sawchuk


Your packages are gone-zo.



I didn't remove yours, @Sinzear, I just changed it to leapjs. :)


Please remove:


Stephen Sawchuk

@ember-addons I've deleted the delete_package package.

Greg Allen

please change tokens from git:// to git://



pls detele angular-adminui , thansks

Ruslan Kerimov

Please change git-endpoint for package "susanin" to git://, thanks.

Nikita Bogdanov
  • Please rename "K Web Framework" to kwf

Greg Bergé
  • Remove angular-focus-blur
Lukas Olson lukasolson referenced this issue in lukasolson/backbone-super September 03, 2013

Bower component "backbone.super" fails to install #13

Tomás Aparicio

Please, support full own package management ;)

Matt DuVall

Can you remove the grande package? I put the wrong Github URL in and would like to reset it. Thanks!

Matt DuVall mduvall referenced this issue in mduvall/grande.js September 03, 2013

Unable to install through bower. #15

Jacob Dreesen

Please remove the backbone.super package. It wasn't registered by the owner and points to a wrong github url. Thanks.

Stephen Sawchuk
Matt DuVall

Sorry to bother again but can you update grande to point to git:// It seems like the current bower code will replace the URL with on 1.2.5. Thank you!


Please remove Mock.js


Please delete test.git

Michael Robinson

Please delete:


Felquis Gimenes

Please remove OminWindow

Stephen Sawchuk

@mduvall Hmm, it's in the registry as that URL already. :confused:

@nuysoft :japan:
@mrm007 :jack_o_lantern:
@faceleg :japanese_castle:
@felquis :japanese_ogre:



Marco Ramirez

QUnit this should be components-qunit according to their README

Erwänn Mest

Please delete kud-cookie.

Thank you.

John Papa

please unregister toastr and re-register it here:

bower register toastr
Michael Benford

Please remove ng-tags-input. Thanks.


please remove thenjs. Thanks a lot.

Valentin Vasilyev

please remove glider
Thank you.

Marco Ramirez

@stephenplusplus you skipped right over my request, anything I need to add to it?

Stefano Masini

please re-register jquery-zeroclipboard to Thanks!

Henri Bergius

please remove view, or rename it to vie. Points to git://

Ivan Pusic

please remove angular-cookie

Tanguy Krotoff tkrotoff referenced this issue in tkrotoff/jquery-simplecolorpicker September 10, 2013

add bower.json #14

Craig Michael Thompson

Please remove qtip2 so I can re-add with different files

Erwänn Mest

Hope we will be able to handle ourselves the repo we register.

Ivan Pusic ivpusic referenced this issue in ivpusic/angular-cookie September 13, 2013

Add to Bower registry? #1

Skyler Brungardt

The entry for "TimelineJS" and "timelinejs" are incorrect.

They should be the same repository, and both/either should point to the following repo:

Currently, both point to the wrong repo.

Also, no version seems to post for the following repo:

Despite having a version number in the bower.json file.

Erwänn Mest

Can you remove official-lodash? and change the url of lodash by git:// ?

Aaron Lademann

Please remove alademann-sass-bootstrap

Dean Sofer

hoverintent which is redundant to jquery-hoverIntent!/search/hoverintent

Benjamin Arthur Lupton

Please remove events and domain


Please remove flat-ui-p

Katsuya Noguchi

I did bower register countdown.js git://

Please change git endpoint to git://


Reuven V. Gonzales

Please unregister swig

Dylan Price


Jonas Pollok


Katsuya Noguchi kn referenced this issue in gumroad/countdown.js September 20, 2013

Bower support #2

Stephen Sawchuk

@Craga89 - I just pointed qtip2 to git:// since I figured that was what you would do. If that was incorrect, let me know, and I can re-register to the endpoint you wish.

@StrictlySkyler - timelinejs already points to the repo you specified. I tried it out and was able to pull it down, so I'm not following the problem. If there's a problem with how Bower is working, please create a new issue. The right people for the job will help you as soon as possible.

@ProLoser and @marco-ramirez, sorry for the delay. I'm going to let @satazor determine the best way to handle your requests.

Haixing Hu

Hi, please unregister the fix-cjk-linebreak.js package. I have renamed it to fix-cjk-linebreak and have registered with the new name. Thanks a lot.

Craig Michael Thompson

@stephenplusplus thanks for that, but the lowercase'd URL is causing it to fail. Can you point it to git:// please?

Stephen Sawchuk

Sorry @Craga89. I'll fix that up later tonight at home; I'm on a sad work connection right now. :(

Craig Michael Thompson

No problem @stephenplusplus, thanks!

Stephen Sawchuk


$ bower install qtip2
bower not-cached    git://*
bower resolve       git://*
bower download
bower extract       qtip2#* archive.tar.gz
bower resolved      git://
bower install       qtip2#2.1.1

qtip2#2.1.1 bower_components/qtip2


Javier Aguilar

Hi, I want to unregister or change the git endpoint of bootstrap-colorpicker as the registered version seems to be unmantained. I plan to register this one because is more up to date. Thank you.
References mjolnic/bootstrap-colorpicker#28

Javier Aguilar mjolnic referenced this issue in mjolnic/bootstrap-colorpicker September 24, 2013

bower compatibility #28

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in jjperezaguinaga/bower-angular-local September 24, 2013

Official repo #7

Jose Aguinaga

Please remove the following:
angular-lungo git://
angular-local-storage git://

Frédéric Camblor

Seems like jquery-mobile-angular-adapter moved from git:// to git://

Calvin Metcalf

please unregistered proj4js (or switch it to proj4)

☮ elf Pavlik ☮


github URI have changed to all lowercase now, i can re-register it once removed!



Eric Ferraiuolo

Please update pure to point to the repo: git://

Thanks! We want Pure to be usable via Bower so I created the yui/pure-release repo to hold all of Pure's built assets. /cc @stephenplusplus

Eric Ferraiuolo ericf referenced this issue in sindresorhus/generator-pure September 25, 2013

Going forward #4

Stephen Sawchuk

@mjaalnir - I'm not sure we want to unregister other developers' packages unannounced like that. Pinging @satazor for that decision.

The below requesters requests have been taken care of, and you have all received a badge for your patience :)

@jjperezaguinaga :key:
@fcamblor :kimono:
@calvinmetcalf :koala:
@elf-pavlik :koko:
@zuzana :last_quarter_moon:
@ericf :earth_americas:

Aidas Klimas

Please update ng-resumable git:// to point to git://
Please remove maybe-resumable-js git://


please delete angularjs-facebook, we want to rename it to angular-facebook (Ciul/angular-facebook#7)

Christian Johansen

Remove cjohansen/Sinon.JS. I don't know who added it, and I would appreciate if it was blocked from being added again. I don't want people to install (and want support for) development snapshots of my repos.

LiJung Chi
  • domc
  • qdom
  • tagArr
  • targetText

help me unregister these thanks.

Kevin Krauss

please rename chartjs-directive to angular-chartjs-directive

Timo Liebetrau


please update, thanks.

Dominik Porada
  • shunting-yard-patched
Michael McGahan

please unregister sass-foundation

Stephen Sawchuk

@AidasK :ice_cream: (let me know if you would also like maybe-resumable.js removed)
@mrzmyr :ideograph_advantage: (renamed it for you)
@chilijung :imp:
@earlonrails :inbox_tray:
@diiimo2011 :incoming_envelope:
@mmcgahan :information_desk_person:

@satazor @wibblymat @danheberden @sindresorhus, requests are coming up that are better left to your judgement. See above for @cjohansen's request, as well as #120 (comment), #120 (comment) for other outstanding issues.


Please unregister inz-nz

Alexis Abril

Please change "funcunit" endpoint from: to

Sorry for the confusion(legacy project consolidation). Thanks!

Juan Ignacio Donoso blackjid referenced this issue in platanus/angular-restmod October 11, 2013

Move this repo to platanus #10

Kumar Harsh

Someone registered twitter as an alias to bootstrap WTF?

Charles Feng

We maintain ember-calendar ( at SpotOn, and have just updated it to 1.0.0. As we'll be updating it in the future, we'd like to retain control over the Bower component -- please transfer ownership to us, or unregister it so we can do so. Thanks!

Gregory Pike grevory referenced this issue in grevory/angular-local-storage October 13, 2013

Package Not Installable via Bower #44

Ben Plum


Both registered incorrectly without my knowledge, adding official support now.

James M. Greene

ZeroClipboard (component name zeroclipboard) has moved...

Can someone please update the git endpoint URL in the registry? Thanks! :metal:

cc: @jonrohan

Nathan Walker

I have a collection of components I need to unregister completely as they were used temporarily to manage a project however we've adopted a different strategy just pointing to the endpoint directly removing the need to register these components. When possible, could someone please de-register all components prefixed with:


Thanks and sorry for the trouble! Any update on when de-registering will be available to end users of bower?

Edgar Wang

Please unregister semantic-ui-compressed-ver-for-rails, I have already delete it from my github repos.

Diwank Singh Tomer creatorrr referenced this issue in peers/peerjs October 19, 2013

Create bower.json #45

Diwank Singh Tomer


Discussion here

Jonnie Spratley

uninstall ng-chartjs-directive git://

moved the repo.

John W. Long

Hi, we changed the repo of the sass-bootstrap from:


Could someone update this for us?


please help to unregister angular-sea ( , I had rename and register another one.

Juan Ignacio Donoso

Hey, please can you rename these two packages?

angular-platanus-rut              ->  angular-rut
angular-platanus-skip-filter      ->  angular-skip-filter
Juan Ignacio Donoso

Also if you please could change the git endpoint to this package...

angular-restmod    to ( git:// )


Juan Ignacio Donoso blackjid referenced this issue in platanus/angular-restmod October 21, 2013

Rename repos to restmod #19

Harry Roberts

When tinkering with Bower earlier today I wanted to create a ‘test’ to make sure I didn’t mess anything up. What I didn’t realise that you can’t have more than one package name per Git endpoint, so I now have csscvtest registered with no way of registering csscv to the same repo.

  • Current name: csscvtest
  • Requested change: csscv

The repo in question:

Many thanks in advance!


Joseph Silvashy

Can newton be unregistered? Currently it points here:

But I want it to be registered to:

cc: @hunterloftis

Tanguy Krotoff

Please unregister jquery-simplecolorpicker (FYI not present on Bower's registry website since the Git repo has been deleted)

Dale  Harvey

Could you unregister

Going to install via the built script


Peter Ajtai

edit: done, thanks @stephenplusplus

can you switch the git endpoints for deferred-state-machine ?


should be:


Vitali Malinouski


Christopher Joslyn thisgeek referenced this issue in BeSite/jQuery.dotdotdot October 26, 2013

Request bower registry update #4

Greg Stallings

Please remove react-timeago. This was a botched launch and a fixed version will likely have a different name.

Will Vaughn


Lucas Espindola

please remove linqjs, not proper versioned



please note, and include, the typo

Matt Przybylski

Please remove 'tweenMax' and 'tweenmax'. It doesn't allow the creation of 'greensock' which is what the GSAP team wants the official package to be named. @greensock approved change.

Denny Lim

please remove 'jquery-treetable'

Vitali Malinouski

I posted my request to unregister a week ago and since then I've seen a dozen more requests posted. None seem to have been processed. I am wondering if this thread is monitored...

Is there another way to unregister a package?

Jorn Bakhuys

Please remove 'equalsize' as it is not properly setup on bower. Sorry, and thank you.

Hunter Loftis hunterloftis referenced this issue in hunterloftis/newton October 30, 2013

Not in bower registry #5

Jean Lauliac jeanlauliac referenced this issue in misoproject/d3.chart October 31, 2013

Add a bower.json definition. #37

Luke Askew

Please rename Front-End-Standards to lowercase front-end-standards


Stephen Sawchuk

Sorry for the long wait, everybody.

@ognus :game_die:
@alexisabril :gb:
@benplum :gem:
@JamesMGreene :gemini:

@NathanWalker - No trouble at all. Not sure, personally, what the plans are for allowing updates.
@edgarwang :ghost:
@creatorrr :gift:
@jonniespratley :gift_heart:
@jlong :girl:
@atian25 :goat:
@blackjid :goberserk:
@csswizardry :godmode:

Stephen Sawchuk

@jpsilvashy :haircut:
@tkrotoff :hamburger:
@daleharvey :hammer:
@pajtai :hamster:
@vitmalina - Sorry, I saw your request to remove w2ui first, so I did. You can re-register now with the correct URL.
@FrDH - There is already a package named jquery-dotdotdot that points to FrDH. And jquery.dotdotdot already points to BeSite.
@gregstallings :hand:
@nackjicholson :headphones:
@lukax - Sorry, I can't see the connection between you and that repo. I see linqjs-amd points to your repo - would you like me to remove that one?
@martco :hear_no_evil:
@tpodom :hibiscus:
@reintroducing :high_brightness:
@iamdenny :high_heel:
@jornbakhuys - I changed it to git:// If you would still like it removed, that's no problem, just let me know.
@LukeAskew :hocho:

@charlesfeng - Bower doesn't really have an ownership concept; all one can do is register packages at a given endpoint currently. So, I've changed the endpoint from git:// to git:// -- If you'd like me simply to remove it, I can still do that.

Marat Abdullin

I would like to rename eo to eo.js (eo is already taken in npm).

Gilles Ruppert

@stephenplusplus The lesshat package needs its endpoint changed from git:// to (Capitalisation has changed). Thanks!

Alan Hong

Please rename "hackerwins-summernote" to "summernote"

Tomas Ruzicka

Please change the repo of lesshat to git:// We have recently changed the name of the org and the repo to lowercase form. This is the final change. Ignore any previous requests for renaming including the one from @gillesruppert. Thanks.

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in sindresorhus/bower-components November 01, 2013

Software in Registry that are not Bower components. #34

David Pratt

node.js is not a bower component and does not belong in the bower registry, please remove it.


I've registered a wrong name.
Please rename coffee-collider.js to coffee-collider.


Please remove this package (wrong git url);

jquery-pageslide git://

Kamil Tomšík

Please rename package ngOptions to ngComponent, I have accidentally mistyped the name during late-night coding. Thx in advance!

Aybars Cengaver
jQuery-Validation-Engine git://

cause: exists

Stanley Stuart

Hey there! I'm from the Ember.js release team! Please remove ember-data.

cause: We now build it under ember-data-shim. If you install through ember-data now you have to build with ruby/rake/bundler, but we already build assets to S3. We'd eventually like to republish what we publish as ember-data-shim as ember-data. I think removing it temporarily would be best, and myself and @rwjblue can get it wrapped up as part of our release process.

Also if you need a vouch for removing just let me know and I'll have someone from core team do so. But @rwjblue and I are mentioned on the blog post here( for the release team.


Jesús Espino




Paul Dowsett hal-gh referenced this issue from a commit in hal-gh/ultimate-seed November 08, 2013
Paul Dowsett Update bower.json to avoid error on "bower install" command
While we wait for the bower team to rename the lesshat component in their database (see requests at bower/bower#120 (comment) and bower/bower#953), this change makes an explicit reference to the lesshat repo.
Paul Dowsett hal-gh referenced this issue from a commit in hal-gh/ultimate-seed November 08, 2013
Paul Dowsett Update bower.json to avoid error on "bower install" command
While we wait for the bower team to rename the lesshat component in their database (see requests at bower/bower#120 (comment) and bower/bower#953), this change makes an explicit reference to the lesshat repo.
Farhan Ahmad


Farhan Ahmad thebitguru referenced this issue in indyplanets/flexnav November 08, 2013

Add bower support #89

Zach Legein

Please remove this package (wrong git url);

jslogger-store git://


Stephen Sawchuk

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

@hoho :dancer:
@gillesruppert @LeZuse :dancers: I had to remove css-lesshat from the registry, which was pointing to the new endpoint of lesshat
@HackerWins :dango:
@mohayonao :dart:
@alberto-bottarini :dash: (but it was a good git repo you were linking :wink:)
@cztomsik :de: (been there)
@theylmz :deciduous_tree:
@fivetanley :department_store:
@jespino :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:
@jr314159 :diamonds:
@thebitguru :disappointed:
@zlegein :disappointed_relieved:

Marat Abdullin

It's nice I've got the lady. Ladies are quite rare result of coding.

Danial Farid

Please change the git url "angularjs-file-upload" from "" to ""

The new repo only contains minimum files and I created tags for all the versions from the main repo.


Sebastian Kippe skddc referenced this issue in remotestorage/remotestorage.js November 10, 2013

Fix Bower situation #464

Sebastian Kippe


See remotestorage/remotestorage.js#464


Juan Ignacio Donoso

Hey @stephenplusplus, sorry about all the troubles... please can you change this packages endpoints??

angular-restmod              to    git://
angular-rut                  to    git://
angular-platanus-misc        to    git://
angular-skip-filter          to    git://
angular-licode               to    git://

thank you!

Oscar Otero

Hi, I'd like to rename the project "cSans" to "csans" (lowercase)
Thank you

Maurizio Mangione

jr-highlight.js (git://

thank you!

Gianluca Guarini

Please update
from git://
to: git://

thanks :dancers:


jsondiffpatch - Meant to register w/ a different name.

Timmy Willison


The official jQuery repo would like to take over bower registration when we release 1.11/2.1 final versions. The beta2 versions have been released today and can be tested at

Richard Blake


forgot to namespace it. Sorry!

Boris Serdyuk


fogot to add a prefix, sorry

Jakob Heuser Jakobo referenced this issue in linkedin/inject November 18, 2013

Internalize Bower Repository #288

Gregory Pike

Please remove angular-localstorage.

angular-local-storage is the proper name and is now available.

Mark Hayes

Please have the "foundation" package point to the "zurb/bower-foundation" repo on GitHub. Thanks! ->

Petr Shevtsov


Kevin Salter


the repo no longer exists

Al Johri AlJohri referenced this issue in twbs/bootstrap-sass November 20, 2013

Bower Version Update and Naming Issue #460

Abban Dunne

Can you update the responsable package url from:





Stephen Sawchuk

@danialfarid :cactus:
@skddc :cake:
@blackjid :calendar:
@oscarotero :calling:
@Granze :camel:
@GianlucaGuarini :cinema:
@dariusriggins :circus_tent:
@richie-blake :city_sunrise:
@just-boris :city_sunset:
@grevory :cocktail:
@mhayes :coffee:
@jamesgorrie :cold_sweat:
@severusweb :collision:
@KevinSalter :computer:
@Abban :cupid:

@timmywil When you are ready to release the final versions, want to ping me, @sindresorhus, @paulirish, or @satazor here or on Twitter, so we can unregister it then? There are no special permissions granted to the person who registers the package (thus this huge thread!), so I can either unregister and let you re-register, or I can update the endpoint to git:// on your command.

Steve Johnson

Please remove literallycanvas. We're probably moving our bower component to a separate repo, and the old URL is currently broken. I will re-register when it's ready.

Anselm Hannemann

Can you please remove (or update the URL) object-fit? It has been accidentially registered with an SSH URL.

Jake Chen
Timmy Willison

Thank you @stephenplusplus! Updating the endpoint will be the streamlined way.

Zeno Rocha

Could you please change jquery-boilerplate's GitHub URL from git:// to git://

Nicholas Rawlings

Please remove ArrayDiff in favor of array-diff

Asaf David

please remove ngWeather in favor of ng-weather


Please remove "batchjs2" and change endpoint for "'batchjs" (now it "git://" but should be "git://")


Anselm Hannemann anselmh referenced this issue in anselmh/object-fit November 26, 2013

Installing through bower fails for me #1

Axel Haustant noirbizarre referenced this issue in max-favilli/tagmanager November 26, 2013

Add bower support #176

Axel Haustant

Please change "tagmanager" endpoint from git:// to git://


Sven Lito

please remove backbone-hoodie. thanks

Sven Lito svnlto referenced this issue in hoodiehq/backbone-hoodie November 26, 2013

make this the bower repo #2

Benjamin Longearet

Please can you rename angular-momentJS into angular-momentjs-module in order to find all momentjs package when type bower search angular-momentjs.
Thanks in advance and enjoy your day!


please remove fromjs, wrong endpoint

Pranav Kudva

Please remove
Ikebana git://


Please remove videogular, wrong endpoint

Philip Meissner

Oops… I typed FlickClock instead of FlipClock

Stephen Sawchuk

@irskep :zap:
@anselmh :zero:
@dotnil :zzz:
@zenorocha :yum:
@nicholasorenrawlings :yen:
@asafdav :yellow_heart:
@aki-russia :x:
@noirbizarre :walking:
@firehist :waning_crescent_moon:
@PranavKudva :waning_gibbous_moon:
@2fdevs :warning:
@pmeissner :watch:

@svnlto - I don't quite understand the relationship between hoodie-hq's repo and @bbn's. I don't want to rip it away from @bbn without his consent.

@calebboyd - I don't feel comfortable removing a package unless it comes from the package author themselves.

Sven Lito

@stephenplusplus @bbn's has been migrated to hoodiehq and is now outdated. please delete.


Please remove jsondiffpatch-unofficial / git://

Reason: obsolete / no longer needed


@stephenplusplus I registered 'fromjs' at my endpoint. Twas bad form, I've removed the endpoint so the package is no longer valid

Mark Finger

viewport currently has a malformed url, can it be changed to git://


@stephenplusplus please remove the package videogular, I've tried to update the endpoint but it's still taking the old one.

This is the old endpoint:
It should be this endpoint:

You could see both repos here, videogular repo is the main project, bower-videogular is only for distribution through bower:

Ben Nevile
Viliam Kopecký

nette-forms repository has been transfered from ViliamKopecky/NetteForms to nette/bower-nette-forms

AJ ONeal

quizomatic, accidentally published the url of the page I was looking at instead of the url of the package.

quizomatic-real the intermediate package I'm using for testing until the real name is available again.


backbone.modal, it is linked to a deprecated gist... there is another, more popular alternative here: that is called the same thing.

Chris Antes doingweb referenced this issue in sirkitree/angular-directive.g-signin December 04, 2013

Forked repo registered in Bower #11

Dali Zheng

renamed package


Please unregister sly, motio, fpsmeter. Thank you.

Kyle Barrow

Please move the endpoint of chibi
from git://
to git://

Bram Smulders

Can you please update the following packages:

  • remove blocss-framework, blocss-framework-carousel & blocss-carousel
  • update endpoint of blocss to git://
Cliff Seal

Running bower search datatables returns amongst its results:

datatables-celreorder git://

That should be:

datatables-colreorder git://

Ates Goral

EaselJS has duplicate entries: EaselJS, easeljs. Should probably keep EaselJS.

Bingo Yang

angular-antiscroll refer to git:// but it is not exist.
I create another repository could you please change it?

Petr Bugyík
o5 commented December 09, 2013

Hi, pls remove package grido. I've registered with bad git endpoint. Thank you.

Wilson Page

Incorrect URL:

fastdom == should be ==> git://


Wilson Page wilsonpage referenced this issue in wilsonpage/fastdom December 09, 2013

bower install error #40

Thomas Parisot

Removing the imager package. I've re-registered it as imager.js.

Thanks :-)

Addy Osmani

I mentioned this during Bower (nee Nest)'s conception, but could we please consider moving towards a simple form for package unregistration requests? (Google forms, Wufoo, something) Until authentication/the registry is in place, I can't see a single issue for tracking these scaling. :)

Israel Shirk

Looks like jquery-easing is broken:
bower ECMDERR Failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads git://", exit code of #128

It may be the case that is the same plugin, but not having the original I can't confirm. Thanks!

Rob DiMarco

Hello! Please update the firebase package to: git://

Reason: Official release of latest versions with new dedicated repo.

Anant Narayanan

Please remove the angular-fire package, it has been re-registered as angularfire. Thanks!

Miles Johnson

I would like to rename my titon bower package to toolkit, but the toolkit package is taken. However, the toolkit package points to a non-existent repo:

If that's not possible, could it be renamed to titon-toolkit. Cheers.

Kirill Sudarushkin

mapbox.standalone.bower git://

JiyinYiyong 题叶 jiyinyiyong referenced this issue in GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js December 12, 2013

Put pacakge on Bower #440

Koutarou Chikuba

Please remove deferred-runner (I removed repo already)
Now I register as whirlr

Tamás Pap

paptamas.backbone.validation (duplicate)


Please help update strophe endpoint from




flosse flosse referenced this issue in strophe/strophejs December 14, 2013

bower file #40

Andreas Guth

Now there is a "strophe" and "strophejs". Please point BOTH to

(Yes, there should only be one of the two, but if we delete one, someone is going to register the other one again with some other endpoint anyway, so we might as well keep both and point them to the correct location...)

Stephen Sawchuk

@jlukic - Bower lets any git endpoint be registered. For that user, they probably had a reason to fork semantic, and make it public for others to use. It wouldn't be right of me to suddenly remove it. If I'm off here, and am misunderstanding the severity or consequences of that user having a fork registered with Bower, please let me know and I will try to do the right thing!

@svnlto - Sorry for the super long delay. Done.

@calebboyd - fromjs is registered to: - how are you connected to this repository?

@coolaj86 - removed quizomatic-real, and updated quizomatic to point to its old endpoint.

@timrchavez - that url is already registered to Backbone.Modal.

@logoscreative - looks like that's true. However, it would take a request from the owner of the repository to change it. Consumers already have this, albeit, incorrect name saved to their bower.json files. Changing it suddenly would break all of those codebases.

@atesgoral - in either case, see the above statement.

@wilsonpage - fast-dom already has that as its endpoint. Would you like fast-dom removed, and fastdom to take its endpoint?

@israelshirk - changed to the URL you sent. Something is better than nothing, I suppose!

@roberdimarco - done. firebase-bower removed.

@milesj - renamed to toolkit.

@Gordin - each entry in the database must have a unique endpoint.

@addyosmani - no doubt. Hopefully I can whip something up this week. Help welcome :)

@dariusriggins :zap:
@markfinger :zero:
@2fdevs - videogular removed :zzz:
@ViliamKopecky :yellow_heart:
@daliwali :yen:
@darsain :yum:
@andresesfm :x:
@kylebarrow :walking:
@bramsmulders :waning_crescent_moon:
@blackbing :baby:
@o5 :cactus:
@oncletom :camel:
@anantn :dart:
@kirillsud :ear_of_rice:
@mizchi :family:
@paptamas :hammer:
@flosse :baby_chick:

cheekybastard cheekybastard referenced this issue in elasticsearch/elasticsearch-js December 18, 2013

Bower package support #4

JiyinYiyong 题叶 jiyinyiyong referenced this issue in jrburke/requirejs-bower December 19, 2013

generate bower.json #1

Stefan Gabos

I'd like the following packages renamed please:
zebra-datepicker to zebra_datepicker (underscore instead of dash)
zebra-pin to zebra_pin (underscore instead of dash)
zebra-cookie to zebra_cookie (underscore instead of dash)
at the time of choosing the name I thought that I can only use dashes :)

Andrey Kouznetsov

Hi, unregister please quick-ng-repeat:

quick-ng-repeat git://
Andrey Kouznetsov wishbear referenced this issue in allaud/quick-ng-repeat December 21, 2013

Added bower.json #13

Choongmin Lee

bower-angular-ui-router is an unofficial package created by me. I'm not maintaining it anymore. Please remove it.

Sérgio Vilar


Cliff Seal

@stephenplusplus Can we add an alias in the meantime? CC'ing @DataTables in hopes to get some input.

Daniel danimt referenced this issue in turban/Leaflet.Sync December 23, 2013

Register plugin as Bower component #17

Jan Pieter Waagmeester

Leaflet.Sync (changed to lower case)

Henrik Joreteg

there is both icanhaz and icanhazjs that point to the same repo. For some reason the first fails with a code of 128, but the latter works.

Ideally there would only be icanhaz and it would point to this repo:

Thanks! More info here: HenrikJoreteg/ICanHaz.js#57

Henrik Joreteg HenrikJoreteg referenced this issue in HenrikJoreteg/ICanHaz.js December 23, 2013

Request to register iCanHaz with Bower #57

Taye A

Please unregister interact.js.

Thank you

Gleb Mazovetskiy

Please change bootstrap-sass to point to twbs/bootstrap-sass (new official repo) from jlong/sass-twitter-bootstrap (deprecated):

-bootstrap-sass git://
+bootstrap-sass git://
Jerome Etienne

please remove the following. it is a simple typo from me

threex.pollball git://

Amruta Chitnis

Please change canon-angular to point to git:// Home page Thanks!

normalize-sass git://

Rick Harrison

Could you please change validate.js to point to It currently points to a fork , which is behind upstream/master

Dominik Porada
  • validate-patched


We asked to unregister videogular package a few weeks ago because we want to update the git url so you did it but a few days ago it seems that it changed its url to the old one.

Could you please remove again the endpoint?

2fdevs 2fdevs referenced this issue in 2fdevs/videogular December 30, 2013

Error With New Update + Bower #30

Tim Oxley

Would like to have mailcheck git url updated from the fork at git://
to official at git:// If unpublishing then republishing is the way to go then please unpublish mailcheck cc @niftylettuce

JiyinYiyong 题叶

Please remove this package, since there will be an official one from @englercj in weeks

pixijs git://

Check here: GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js#440 (comment)

Michal Srb

uglify-js points at old repo, please change to
Fredrick Galoso

gauss points at a fork, please change to


as bower support has been merged in from @samcday

Damir Sultanov fronteed referenced this issue in fronteed/iCheck January 03, 2014

Add bower.json #104

Dj Gilcrease

jquery-tmpl git://

It is no longer under active development, and I do have an active fork of it @ jquery-tmpl git://

Daniel Pennypacker


Ps, thanks so much, you guys are great!

Maxime Robert


There's no reason to have this on bower repo.

Tobias Oberstein


Tobias Oberstein oberstet referenced this issue in tavendo/AutobahnJS January 07, 2014

Issue with Bower package #43

Ron. Adams


I changed my username:


armory (git://

James Smith jmeas referenced this issue in malsup/cycle2 January 07, 2014

Installing via Bower #145

Gary Katsevman gkatsev referenced this issue from a commit in afeld/backbone-nested January 08, 2014
Aidan Feldman update Bower package name
has also been registered w/ Bower
Aidan Feldman

backbone-nested-afeld (dupe of backbone-nested-model)

Joshua Peek
  • setimmediate git://

Original author does not intend to support bower YuzuJS/setImmediate#22

Alan Palazzolo

ractive-events-hover (needs to change repo)
backbone.ractive (not maintained)

Andrey Kouznetsov

angularjs-scroll-glue (unoficial and not maintaned)


ng-gridify (renamed to angular-gridify)
ng-columnify (renamed to angular-columnify)

Joshua Peek

I just got access from Alex.

For other maintainer reference:

$ heroku run console
> require './application'
> pkg = Package.find(name: 'PACKAGENAME')
> pkg.delete

Edit (from @paulirish) new instructions are here:

Jakob Heuser

URL change request: change Inject from to

Gabe Smedresman

please unregister ember-leaflet -- it's a fork by another developer and I'd like to update the registry to point to the real source

Jack Lukic jlukic referenced this issue in Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI January 10, 2014

Update package.json #534


please remove "LayoutManager"

thx in advance

Hector Virgen

Please remove tagged-auto-grow. Thanks!

Ahmad Nassri

please remove HTTPArchive.js duplicate of httparchive.js (human error)

Jack Lukic jlukic referenced this issue in Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI January 13, 2014

bower install resolves to wrong fork of semantic-ui #547


Please, remove moment-holiday-js, it is a duplicate of moment-holiday-fi.

Nick Schonning nschonni referenced this issue in jzaefferer/jquery-validation January 15, 2014

Add bower.json, include dist in tag commits #978

3 of 3 tasks complete
Jörn Zaefferer

Please remove jquery-validation and jquery.validation

Lukas Peleska

Please remove angular-gestures-unstable

David Calhoun dcalhoun referenced this issue in harvesthq/chosen January 16, 2014

Hard dependency to create css and js #1509


bootstrap-daterangepicker-released, duplicate of di-bootstrap-daterangepicker.


please remove

or change repo from



please remove aa_app_template

Jack Lukic jlukic referenced this issue in Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI January 18, 2014

Bower is still 0.11.0 #560

Timmy Willison


Please pull the trigger on jquery. Update to git:// Thanks!

@sindresorhus, @paulirish, or @satazor

Heinrich Fenkart hnrch02 referenced this issue in twbs/bootstrap January 24, 2014

Use the official jQuery repo #12367

Tom Vincent tlvince referenced this issue in lgsilver/angles January 30, 2014

Bower package #19

James South JimBobSquarePants referenced this issue in paypal/bootstrap-accessibility-plugin January 31, 2014

register with Bower #5

Nelson Omuto nelsonomuto referenced this issue in Selmanh/angularjs-form-builder January 31, 2014

Please register this as a bower component #3

Jordan Harband ljharb referenced this issue in es-shims/es5-shim January 31, 2014

On bower again #154

Robert Jackson rjackson referenced this issue in eviltrout/ember-renderspeed February 03, 2014

Register w/ bower plz #4

Gleb Mazovetskiy glebm referenced this issue in twbs/bootstrap-sass February 03, 2014

Remove quotes from bower install example #520

Nick Schonning nschonni referenced this issue in wet-boew/wet-boew February 03, 2014

Bower update for jQuery-validation #4467

TJ VanToll tjvantoll referenced this issue in jquery/jquery-ui February 04, 2014

Bower Support #1189

1 of 2 tasks complete
Robert Jackson

@timmywil - I apologize if I am completely missing something obvious here, but I am unsure how to proceed. You are asking that the package registered as jquery should be moved from git:// to git://, and I see that you have begun publishing builds with the tagged releases (which is awesome), but I only see 2.1.0 published this way.

If I change as you requested any user pinned to a lesser version will be left with a completely broken application. To be completely selfish for a second, just suppose that I have an Ember app that requires jQuery 2.0.3 (since the latest stable version of Ember (1.3.1) does not support jQuery 2.1) and the registry is updated, the next time I update my app I will not have a built version of jQuery.

Robert Jackson

@fronteed - jquery-icheck points to git:// (the same repo as iCheck). If I delete it a significant number of users will have errors when they attempt to update, those users will then likely open issues here or your repo. I personally do not see the harm in leaving this alone. Other maintainers please feel free to disagree with me.

Robert Jackson

@hyspace - typehead.js-bootstrap3.less has been deleted.
@endorama - endorama/javascript-debug has been deleted.
@ljharb - es5-shim has been updated to git://
@jlukic - semantic has been updated from git:// to git://
@digioak - bower-angular-unstable has been removed.
@wanasit - chrono has been updated to point to git://
@kyjan - angular-sails-service has been removed.
@backflip - load-google-maps has been removed.
@cvrebert - As mentioned above, we are not to remove/change any repos registered to Twitter.
@ajimix - hyrdrajs has been updated to point to git://
@anodynos - requirejs points to git://
@stbaer - KineticJS_dist has been deleted.
@webpro - jquery-evergeen has been updated.
@JimBobSquarePants - Responsive has been deleted. responsive has been updated to point to git://
@thejameskyle - ballistic has been updated to git:// bootcamp has been moved to git://
@ryanzec - nucleus-angular-isolate-scope has been removed.
@switz - icculus removed.
@geekingreen - ember-shim removed.
@meekgeek - zther-util and zther.util removed.

Jordan Harband ljharb referenced this issue in es-shims/es5-shim February 04, 2014

Bower support is broken #205

Timmy Willison

@rjackson Fair point. I'll bring it up at the next jQuery meeting.

Jakob Heuser Jakobo referenced this issue in linkedin/inject February 07, 2014

Update Bower Repository Link #297

Robert Jackson

@jeffbcross - Deleted.
@logankoester - Url changed.
@spalax - Changed.
@tpodom - Changed to git://
@boneskull - Deleted.
@flowersinthesand - Updated.

Robert Jackson

@Mathachew - Thank you. I'm sorry for the run-around, updated now.

Drew Fyock fyockm referenced this issue in yeoman/generator-angular February 09, 2014

bower install fails on es5-shim #576

Tanguy Krotoff tkrotoff referenced this issue in brettshollenberger/ui-select February 10, 2014

Bower name "ui-select" and AngularUI #1

Alex Gibson alexgibson referenced this issue in h5bp/mobile-boilerplate February 10, 2014

[enhancement] Add missing bower.json. #203

John Albin Wilkins JohnAlbin referenced this issue in JohnAlbin/normalize-scss February 11, 2014

Moved but not re-published to bower? #23

Logan Koester logankoester referenced this issue in fragphace/backbone-fsm February 11, 2014

Adds a bower.json file #1

Timmy Willison

@rjackson OK, we're ready to pull the trigger. Please move jQuery over to git:// We've gone back through our tags and included distributed files.

Robert Jackson

@psoluch - Done.
@ronaldjadams - Done.
@alexgibson - Done.
@Reyncor - Done.
@JohnAlbin - Done.
@cmy2k - Done.
@tejacques - Done.
@DominicBoettger - Done.
@tomkyle - Done.
@aexmachina - Done.

Robert Jackson

@timmywil - jquery has been updated.

John Albin Wilkins

Thanks, @rjackson!!! :-)

Carsten Witt

Cheers, @rjackson :-)

Bemi Faison

Please remove Panzer (with a capital "P"). The repository name was changed.

  • TIA
Cory Simmons

Point to

Cory Simmons corysimmons referenced this issue in mojotech/jeet February 16, 2014

Bower jeet repo not working #128

Aakash Patel

Please remove spectra-color. I changed my user name from aakpat6 to avp.

Cory Simmons

Is there anyway this can be automated? How about a user system to go with like npmjs has? Then no one has to manually maintain this list and no one has to wait to get their packages removed?


Please remove seajs so I can readd it with correct git repo.


John Papa

Please remove hottowel-angular


plz can you remove these:

  • xmlrpc-message-amd
  • xmlrpc-client-amd
  • http-request-amd
  • dokuwiki-client-amd
  • stikked-client-amd

All deprecated (for umd modules instead).

EDIT: all removed successfully. Thanks!

JiyinYiyong 题叶

Bower appears to be not useful for my personal projects, so I migrated to commonjs-everywhere.
Please remove all my packages, thanks.

➤➤ bower search cirru-
Search results:

    cirru-parser git://
    cirru-to-mustache git://
    cirru-mustache git://
    cirru-rainbow git://
    cirru-mode git://
    cirru-color git://
    cirru-editor git://
James Smith


Logan Koester

Please move kinvey from git:// to git://

Thank you!

Narendran Sankaran

Please remove jquery_iconify. I made a new one called jquery-iconify. thanks

Jonathan Calvin

Please unregister ui.enhancements

Thank you.

Pierre Reimertz

regarding package brand-colors
please rename git://
to git://

if renaming is not ok, pleas remove the package so I can re-register it with my new user name.. :)

Tim Hartmann

Please remove the old url and add the new one:


Made an error in the description and the package info is not complete.
Please remove js-bcrypt to let me create a new valid package.
Thanks in adavance.

Tim Hartmann

@julien-sarazin Which package do you mean? Mine?

Narendran Sankaran

Please unregister jquery-iconfiy, its a typo for jquery-iconify

Harry Roberts

Hello. Please can you repoint a package for me?

  • Package: inuit-block-list
  • Current endpoint: git://
  • Desired endpoint: git://

Many thanks!


Hello, could you please remove "Playr" (with a capital P), or rename it "playr" (lower case)?

Many thanks!

Myles Cowper-Coles

Hi, could you reregister angular-super-input from git:// to Thanks!

Roelof Kallenkoot

package: "ratchet" moved from "git://" to "git://".


Please unregister "pole-mock".

Thank you!

Johannes Schickling

jquery-browser-detection moved from to

Richard Davey

Please can you unregister 'phaser': git:// as this is an unofficial fork and we'd like to register it correctly (we have nDmitry's permission to request this, see here: photonstorm/phaser#401 (comment))


please unregister 'angular-dchart': git://
Thank you!

FangDun Cai

Please unregister ' sea' :

Ovidiu Cherecheș skidding referenced this issue in skidding/dragdealer February 28, 2014

Add to bower #27

James Smith jmeas referenced this issue in murtaugh/HTML5-Reset February 28, 2014

Add to Bower registry #48

Yahya Kacem

Please, unregister the dragdealer package from your registry I was asked here to unregister it so others can maintain it, thanks in advance.

Benjamín Eidelman

Please, unregister JsonDiffPatch. as it is a duplicate of jsondiffpatch (lowercase).
And move jsondiffpatch to (I just renamed the repo to be lowercase)

Rudy Rigot

Oooooops, typo:

  • I created "jquery-insertorder" by mistake
  • then I created the right one: "jquery-insertinorder"
  • now both are found via the CLI, but only the wrong one via the Bower website!

Can you delete "jquery-insertorder", and make sure that "jquery-insertinorder" is properly there.

Thanks, sorry about the typo!!!


Request to remove 'britejs'.

Already I forked it to support symver versioning in package 'brite'

Jarvis Badgley ChiperSoft referenced this issue in ChiperSoft/Kalendae March 02, 2014

Add bower.json #122

Matthew Hardnack

Request to unregister bower-kalendae, so that the offical repo can be reigstered.

Mike Lapshin

Please, unregister formstamp package or change it's git URL to git://

I realized that it's better to have a separate git repo for bower package and I want to do this.


hzlzh commented March 03, 2014

Please unregister those three name below, I've renamed my github repo

  • Grunt-Workflow git://
  • grunt-workflow git://
  • f2e-workflow git://

Thanks a lot!

Chris Rebert cvrebert referenced this issue in twbs/ratchet March 03, 2014

Register package in Bower #264

Connor Sears

As @Cariah mentioned, we'd love it if you unregistered ratchet.

We changed org so the link needs to be changed from "git://" to "git://".


Paul Sweeney

Hey, can you unregister the package named imagey? This was accidentally published at the wrong name, and is now (correctly) available at imagey-filter

Koutarou Chikuba

Plz unregister coffeekup. This is typo.

Stephen J. Collings

Hi, please update react-bootstrap to git://


Stephen J. Collings stevoland referenced this issue in stevoland/react-bootstrap March 04, 2014

Consider excluding built files from repo #29

Cory Simmons

Could someone please: Point to

Or update us on when this might be done? If you guys need help doing this kind of stuff, I wouldn't mind being a collab.

Been waiting 16 days. Also, maybe open up a new Issue? This one is so large it lags really bad just to type. :(

Rob Muhlestein

Please remove thumble placeholder to avoid future confusion. I've decided against further registration with Bower and have pulled it from my projects. (I will be using pure NPM instead).

Len Smith
ignu commented March 06, 2014

I had a clipboard mishap too.. Can you unregister backbone.dependencyrouter so I can fix?


Should be:


Jev Zelenkov

please remove bxslider-4-jz and bxslider-4-jz-test packages


please remove Flatstrap-for-Bootstrap-3

Kate Hudson

Please update makerstrap to git://


Harry Roberts

Hello. Please can you repoint a package for me?

  • Package: inuit-tables
  • Current endpoint: git://
  • Desired endpoint: git://

Many thanks!

Daniel Freedman

Can you update polymer to point to git://


Bradley Spaulding

itunes-previewer should point to git://

Jarid Margolin
  • Please remove amd-fingerprint
Christophe Coevoet
stof commented March 10, 2014

Please remove the package chosen. It does not work when installing with bower, as Bower does not support building the package on installation of downloading the compiled archive rather than the source

ooxi commented March 11, 2014

Any update on removing dragdealer?

Rok Garbas

please remove package plone-mockup

Rob Muhlestein

This thread is one of the major reasons people should not be using bower. Use NPM instead.

ooxi commented March 12, 2014

@robmuh I certainly agree especially since npm contains the build artifacts which means you are quite save from random git repositories disappearing in the future.

Nevertheless most frontend dependencies use bower, not npm :(

Rob Muhlestein

The more people keep using this broken 'package manager' the worse it will get. It isn't just the removal process, it's the whole idea behind it. Frontend dependencies should never have been build with these dependencies in the first place. Just say no to the bloat, trouble, and issue spam from this system not even having an unregister function. Use NPM. Make the web a better place.

Kate Hudson

Browsers do not have file systems -- loading files over http is costly and slow. For that reason dependency resolution is an important part of a front end package manager, something that npm is obviously not designed for.

Nestor Toro natorojr referenced this issue in highslide-software/ March 12, 2014

Create bower.json #2244

Rob Muhlestein

Exactly my point. You should be isolating and including only those pieces necessary and never loading dependencies over http at all. Unless you have a focused caching strategy you should no longer have more than 2-3 script and css loads. But people still load up their headers with links to dozens of css styles and scripts. Bower just promotes more of this foolishness. People who like Bower also still like and use things like Wordpress, PHP, and jQuery. There's just no arguing with most of them.

ooxi commented March 13, 2014

I do not agree with that. Most people using bower do not directly include the components but use them as source for their build process. Instead of manually keeping copies of external libraries they let bower do the bookkeeping.


I'm not sure if I can claim this: today I tried to bower register yamm3 git://
but found my package already registered bower EDUPLICATE Duplicate package

In order to take the control for support and updates, could you remove the package? So I, as the author, can register it correctly?


Chiang Fu

Please unregister package bower-ferret and ferret.


Mark Finger

Hi, can you please remove viewport?


Drew Miller

request to unregister - angular-perfect-scrollbar. It's currently pointed at a fork of my repository and I'd like to point it at the original one. I'm maintaining it so no reason to point at a fork.

David Smith jetpad referenced this issue in wayoutmind/gauss March 18, 2014

Treating a collection's element as a vector #19

Samuel ROZE
sroze commented March 20, 2014
  • Please update Git repository of ngInfiniteScroll package to git://
Mike Kamermans
Pomax commented March 20, 2014

We registererd a proper package for Processing.js (pointing to the actual official repo), can the "processing" and "processingjs" packages be unregistered? (They point to a clone of an old Pjs version on the wrong repo)


Requesting to update a package URL:

Package name: angular-log-extender
Old URL: git://
New URL: git://


Fabrizio Ruggeri
ramiel commented