Unregister package requests #120

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satazor commented Nov 3, 2012

Edit (April 2014): Updated by @paulirish & @sheerun

Package unregistering will be available via bower unregister <package> soon, but for now, you can unregister packages yourself using curl, if the package is hosted on GitHub and you're an owner or collaborator.

curl -X DELETE "https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/PACKAGE?access_token=TOKEN"
  • Where PACKAGE is the package name you want to delete and TOKEN is GitHub's Personal Access Token that you can fetch from here: https://github.com/settings/applications
  • A default GitHub Personal Access Token will work -- no permissions necessary
  • You need to be an owner or collaborator of the repo and URL needs to be OK.
  • You'll likely want to bower cache clean after your change.
  • Please remember it is generally considered bad behavior to remove versions of a library that others are depending on. Think twice :)

If the above doesn't work for you, we can handle your case manually (and please post below). And again, soon we'll be addressing the remaining issues so this is much easier for everyone. :) Cheers.

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Trying to register 'gsap-js' gives:

bower error Duplicate package


$ bower search gsap-js No results

Could you check if it exists/unregister gsap-js ?

[danheberden] 2013-05-21 - there are no packages named gsap, let alone no packages with gsap in their name

kaelig commented May 8, 2013

Request to change package URL (or unregister): sass-hidpi

URL should be: git://github.com/kaelig/hidpi.git (instead of git://github.com:kaelig/hidpi.git)

👍 [danheberden] updated


'collection' The repo should be git://github.com/AlexGalays/collection-js.git

Once this is done, please unregister 'collection-js'

Many thanks

👍 [danheberden] 2013-05-21 updated





@satazor It'd be great if you could take care of the endpoints of the following bower packages:

angular-translate, neoskop-angular-wiring-diagram-finder


Please unregister: query-timepicker-addon
It's currently registered to point at a fork, the original owner of the repo would like to register it properly.


👍 [danheberden] 2013-05-13 removed jquery-timepicker-addon

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Bower support #132


I seem to have made the common mistake of using the wrong repo path. Can you unregister SuperScrollorama so I can fix?

Bad repo:

Should be:

👍 [danheberden] updated the repo url for you

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Add Bower support #46


Will someone be attending to this ticket soon? Bower is effectively useless to the community if registrations are incorrect because developers cannot rely on bower to automate installs and updates correctly.


ChartJS >> created by me by mistake :/

i8ramin commented May 20, 2013

Was Lungo removed or renamed? I can no longer installed it. I get the follow errors:

bower cloning git://github.com/TapQuo/package-lungo.git
bower caching git://github.com/TapQuo/package-lungo.git
bower error status code of git: 128

There were errors, here's a summary of them:
- lungo status code of git: 128
fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.

- lungo status code of git: 128
fatal: remote error:
  Repository not found.

It seems related to the Capitalization of "TapQuo". When I try to manually clone git://github.com/TapQuo/package-lungo.git, it fails. However, if I am able to clone git://github.com/tapquo/package-lungo.git

(FYI @soyjavi)

👍 [danheberden] 2013-05-21 fixed the git url


Sorry for the delays - see comments inline in your particular request. packagename means it was removed. Thanks for your contributions to the bower ecosystem!

i8ramin commented May 21, 2013

Thanks Dan! I created the following packages when the lungo ones were broken. Feel free to remove them.


No rush on these. Mucho gracias


@i8ramin, removed :)

daffl commented May 21, 2013

@danheberden Thanks for changing the canjs reference but it does need to be git@github.com:bitovi/canjs.com.git not the original repository.

We'd like to keep the build file distributables in a separate repository (pretty much like in the illustrious https://github.com/components).


Thanks for the clarification @daffl - removed can (which was that git endpoint) and updated canjs to git://github.com/bitovi/canjs.com.git


@petermichaux, deleted

skeeto commented May 22, 2013

Each of the following packages have invalid repository URLs. It appears to be a mix up between SSH notation and URI scheme.

  • angular-paginator (git://github.com:PascalPrecht/bower-angular-paginator.git)
  • angularjs-scope.safeapply (git://github.com:yearofmoo/AngularJS-Scope.SafeApply.git)
  • autocompletejs (git://github.com:oakmac/autocompletejs.git)
  • backbone.generic (git://github.com:lyatiss/generic.js.git)
  • bugsnag (git://github.com:bugsnag/bugsnag-js)
  • cardify (git://github.com:mverhaagen/cardify.git)
  • checkjs (git://github.com:Ragil/coverjs)
  • commonsense-api (git://github.com:senseobservationsystems/commonsense-nodejs-module.git)
  • famelo-navigation (git://github.com:mneuhaus/famelo-component-navigation.git)
  • fragment (git://github.com:DanielRapp/fragment.js)
  • jquery.keyfilter (git://github.com:akzhan/jquery-keyfilter.git)
  • jquery.ui.montjquery.ui.monthpicker (git://github.com:thebrowser/jquery.ui.monthpicker.git)
  • ng-infinite-scroll (git://git@github.com:Srirangan/ngInfiniteScroll.git)
  • rdio (git://github.com:rdio/jquery.rdio.js.git)
  • scientist.js (git://github.com:jasonrhodes/scientist.js.git)
  • udeitor (git://github.com:campaign/ueditor.git)
  • ui-calendar (git://github.com:angular-ui/ui-calendar.git)
  • testingStash (git://git@bitbucket.org:zwogrammdev/stash.git)

These have non-public domains.

  • BullhornLess (git://sourcecontrol/GitRepo/BullhornLess)
  • bower-test (git://localhost:8082/git/wav.webclient.component/bower-test)
  • jquerymenu (git:// (also invalid like above)
  • packageName (git://your/git/url.git) (a tutorial package?)

All packages are Git protocol endpoints (git://) except for this single case below, which is SSH. I don't know if this is discouraged or not, but I'm bringing it up just in case.

  • angular-paginator (git://github.com:PascalPrecht/bower-angular-paginator.git) updated
  • angularjs-scope.safeapply (git://github.com:yearofmoo/AngularJS-Scope.SafeApply.git) messaged repo owner & fixed
  • autocompletejs (git://github.com:oakmac/autocompletejs.git) updated
  • backbone.generic (git://github.com:lyatiss/generic.js.git) updated
  • bugsnag (git://github.com:bugsnag/bugsnag-js) updated
  • cardify (git://github.com:mverhaagen/cardify.git) - removed; jquery-cardify now exists
  • checkjs (git://github.com:Ragil/coverjs) removed; check-js exists
  • commonsense-api (git://github.com:senseobservationsystems/commonsense-nodejs-module.git) removed; commonsense exists
  • famelo-navigation (git://github.com:mneuhaus/famelo-component-navigation.git) - removed famelo/navigation and FIXED. messaged user
  • fragment (git://github.com:DanielRapp/fragment.js) - updated
  • jquery.keyfilter (git://github.com:akzhan/jquery-keyfilter.git) deleted; jquery.keyfilter exists
  • jquery.ui.montjquery.ui.monthpicker (git://github.com:thebrowser/jquery.ui.monthpicker.git) - updated
  • ng-infinite-scroll (git://git@github.com:Srirangan/ngInfiniteScroll.git) - updated
  • rdio (git://github.com:rdio/jquery.rdio.js.git) Fixed and made a pull request for a bower.json file
  • scientist.js (git://github.com:jasonrhodes/scientist.js.git) - updated
  • udeitor (git://github.com:campaign/ueditor.git) - updated
  • ui-calendar (git://github.com:angular-ui/ui-calendar.git) - removed; exists as angular-ui-calendar
  • testingStash (git://git@bitbucket.org:zwogrammdev/stash.git) - updated

These have non-public domains.

  • BullhornLess (git://sourcecontrol/GitRepo/BullhornLess) - removed
  • bower-test (git://localhost:8082/git/wav.webclient.component/bower-test) - removed
  • jquerymenu (git:// (also invalid like above) - removed
  • packageName (git://your/git/url.git) (a tutorial package?) - removed
  • jacket (git@github.com:Team-Sass/jacket.git) - works so not gonna mess with it


On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 12:39 AM, Dan Heberden notifications@github.comwrote:

  • angular-paginator (git://github.com:PascalPrecht/bower-angular-paginator.git)
  • angularjs-scope.safeapply (git://github.com:yearofmoo/AngularJS-Scope.SafeApply.git)
    messaged repo ownerhttps://github.com/yearofmoo/AngularJS-Scope.SafeApply/issues/3
  • autocompletejs (git://github.com:oakmac/autocompletejs.git) updated
  • backbone.generic (git://github.com:lyatiss/generic.js.git) updated
  • bugsnag (git://github.com:bugsnag/bugsnag-js) updated
  • cardify (git://github.com:mverhaagen/cardify.git) - removed;
    jquery-cardify now exists
  • checkjs (git://github.com:Ragil/coverjs) removed; check-js exists
  • commonsense-api (git://github.com:senseobservationsystems/commonsense-nodejs-module.git)
    removed; commonsense exists
  • famelo-navigation (git://github.com:mneuhaus/famelo-component-navigation.git)
  • removed famelo/navigation and FIXED. messaged userhttps://github.com/mneuhaus/famelo-component-navigation/issues/1
  • fragment (git://github.com:DanielRapp/fragment.js) - updated
  • jquery.keyfilter (git://github.com:akzhan/jquery-keyfilter.git)
    deleted; jquery.keyfilter exists
  • jquery.ui.montjquery.ui.monthpicker (git://github.com:thebrowser/jquery.ui.monthpicker.git)
  • updated
  • ng-infinite-scroll (git://git@github.com:Srirangan/ngInfiniteScroll.git)
  • updated
  • rdio (git://github.com:rdio/jquery.rdio.js.git) Fixed and made a
    pull request for a bower.json filehttps://github.com/rdio/jquery.rdio.js/pull/7
  • scientist.js (git://github.com:jasonrhodes/scientist.js.git) -
  • udeitor (git://github.com:campaign/ueditor.git) - updated
  • ui-calendar (git://github.com:angular-ui/ui-calendar.git) -
    removed; exists as angular-ui-calendar
  • testingStash (git://git@bitbucket.org:zwogrammdev/stash.git) -

These have non-public domains.

  • BullhornLess (git://sourcecontrol/GitRepo/BullhornLess) - removed

  • bower-test(git://localhost:8082/git/wav.webclient.component/bower-test) - removed

  • jquerymenu (git:// (also invalid like

    above) - removed

    packageName (git://your/git/url.git) (a tutorial package?) - removed

    jacket (git@github.com:Team-Sass/jacket.git) - works so not gonna
    mess with it

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHubhttps://github.com/bower/bower/issues/120#issuecomment-18257112

Josh Kurz
www.atlantacarlocksmith.com http://www.atlantacarlocksmith.com


Thanks @skeeto for taking the time to make that list - much appreciated!

skeeto commented May 22, 2013

No problem. This list actually came about out of my lamentations over writing my own Bower client.


please remove rough-navigation-toggle


@oskarrough removed.

@daffl daffl referenced this issue in canjs/canjs May 23, 2013

Twitter Bower component of CanJS #252

rknLA commented May 24, 2013

I've merged @danheberden's pull request for jquery.rdio, but I've also updated the name to jquery.rdio. Is there anything I can do to update the name from rdio in the registry?


dmauro commented May 26, 2013

Please unregister itg_twig.js. Someone registered my project with a seemingly random name. Not sure how they did since I didn't have a manifest.json file (adding one now).


@danheberden Re: Team-Sass/jacket Yep, sindresorhus has just told me that's discouraged because although you can download it, it doesn't work with http://sindresorhus.com/bower-components.

Please unregister Team-Sass/jacket and I'll re-register with the correct protocol.


Please, unrgister "packageName", I just copied and pasted from a tutorial >_<


Please unregister jquery-touchclick The project has been renamed/resubmitted

ajself commented May 29, 2013

Please unregister bootstrap-js. Doesn't appear to be a valid repo anymore. git://github.com/arhea/bower-bootstrap-js


Please either rename TimelineJS to timelinejs, or make searching for "timelinejs" match results for "TimelineJS" also.

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 renamed

webpro commented Jun 1, 2013

Please fix url for or unregister "requirejs-handlebars".

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 fixed


please remove simsaw-baas and fix url of simsaw-baas-client to git://github.com/swiftsetup/simsaw-baas-client-bower.git

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url

oxmo456 commented Jun 7, 2013

please remove : popo2000 git://github.com/oxmo456/workshop_000.git


Please remove angular-smoothscroll or re-register it with : git://github.com/arnaudbreton/angular-smoothscroll.git

I registered with a wrong URL format (which worked by the way: git://github.com:arnaudbreton/angular-smoothscroll.git)

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url

@slang800 slang800 referenced this issue in maxmx/bootstrap-stylus Jun 8, 2013

Add bower.json to allow this to be installed via bower #12


Unregister: angular-overscroll (codeless repo)


Please remove: angular-markdown git://github.com:PatrickHeneise/angular-markdown.git, there's a mistake in the git link, need to re-publish again.



I've used wrong URL, this one is correct: git://github.com/jozefizso/bower-bootstrap-css.git

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url


Please unregister jQuery.BlackAndWhite it has been renamed and resubmitted


Please unregister

In both cases installing not working due wrong URLs.


please delete :


i made a typo in the package name , the correct name is webdb.js

pigulla commented Jun 16, 2013

Please unregister mersennetwister, or even better yet, change it to https://github.com/pigulla/mersennetwister - I registered it with the wrong github url... m(

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated url


unregister chart.js or update the url to git://github.com/centralway/chart.js.git

[danheberden] 2013-06-18 updated


Please see comment request for status update - all requests ^above^ are resolved.

ngryman commented Jun 18, 2013

Made a mistake for page-legacy's url : git://github.com/ngryman/page.js.git.

caouecs commented Jun 19, 2013

please can you unregister GumbyUI-breadcrumb ? I did an other package with this code.



Greensock-AS3 and Greensock-JS


hello bower team.

This is insanehong

Please can you unregister protip .

currently fail to parse json.

git end-point https://github.com/hackrslab/protip



Hello there.

I made a mistake in the URL so it would be awesome if you could remove this one : angular-oauth
I will submit it again with a valid URL this time :)

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance !


hurried to submit w/o a manifest in the local folder. chai authors extracted assertion-error in a separate repo but the links between packages are broken and chaijs/assertion-error is not correctly linked in the registry


I made a mistake registeren yass.js, i registered a fixed one as Yass.js. could you remove yass.js and rename Yass.js to yass.js? thnx

cabaret commented Jun 21, 2013

Please remove 'cupcake'. Made a mistake with the git endpoint. Thanks.



Ohhh, 4:30 am typos how I love you

tomatau commented Jun 21, 2013


url typo


remove: assemble

We transferred the repo so the address is wrong. Thanks!

klempa commented Jun 22, 2013

Please remove:

  • melonJS- old url, needs updating
  • bower - wrong url, added by accident when trying to register new melonJS package.
brodkin commented Jun 23, 2013

Please update bca-flag-sprite to the correct URL git://github.com/brodkinca/BCA-CSS-Flag-Sprite.git


please remove: jquery.colorbox

tachun commented Jun 24, 2013

Hello, I made a mistake when I registered my plugin,
please update fbpagestarter to the correct URL git://github.com/tachun/fbpagestarter.git

thanks a lot


Please remove dt-jquery, I muffed the GitHub URL.

myme commented Jun 24, 2013

elvis => git://github.com/myme/elvis.git

I accidentally a ':' in the original URL. Didn't immediately find the git read-only url with the new layout, so just typed it in manually. Any chance of validating a repo before hitting the prompt?

@seanpdoyle seanpdoyle referenced this issue in cloudmine/CloudMineSDK-JavaScript Jun 25, 2013

Added Support for Bower #12

pahen commented Jun 25, 2013

Please update the URL for mixpanel from git@github.com:aptoma/mixpanel.git to git@github.com:drubin/mixpanel-bower.git (new package maintainer).

sntx commented Jun 25, 2013

please update the url for montuno from git://sntx/git/bower.git to git://sntx/git/montuno.git (typo when registering)


Please update flamsteed url from:





jwerle commented Jun 26, 2013

please update typedof url from





Please delete this package
it does not work, This does not accept https://proyectos.correlibre.org/aurigadl/heron-mc.git




progress-full-width or point it to new public github repo (I registered progress-bars) git://github.com/bahmutov/progress-full-width

michsch commented Jun 30, 2013

please update yamlurl from






I would like to unregister: angularjs and swipejs ; registered under my username chaoscod3r . Thanks


Please remove
and rename
"t-js" to "t"


update troopjs from git://github.com/troopjs/troopjs-bundle.git to git://github.com/troopjs/troopjs.git


please remove jquery-ui.datarange.git (git://github.com/layerssss/jquery-ui.datarange.git)


kendo git://

please remove, sorry for that :S

@sindresorhus sindresorhus referenced this issue in bower/registry Jul 2, 2013

Remove Backgrid from the registry #19


Please unregister:

Please don't unregister kinvey-angular-mock, it is (finally) properly named.

All 3 packages point to https://github.com/GravityJack/kinvey-angular-mock



Please reregister angular-uploadcare from git://github.com/ericthelast/angular-uploadcare.git to git://github.com/uploadcare/angular-uploadcare.git


@desandro desandro referenced this issue in warpdesign/deferred-js Dec 24, 2014

Bower registration #5

  • @gguin re-registered console-switch to git://github.com/gguin/console-switch.git
  • @warpdesign see discussion at warpdesign/deferred-js#5
  • @jiyinyiyong @rpflorence re-registered react-router to git://github.com/rackt/react-router.git. The GitHub URL re-directs, but we still need to update the Bower registry. I got you covered
  • @levithomason Both kinvey-mock and angular-kinvey-mock are not registered
  • @ericthelast re-registered angular-uploadcare to git://github.com/uploadcare/angular-uploadcare.git

No need to say thanks. Thank you for using Bower 🐦

bcherny commented Dec 25, 2014

It is insane to me that this issue has been open for >2 years, and there is still no unregister feature. Unregistering a package has first class API support in:

Why, specifically, is difficult to implement an unpublish feature for bower? @zenware what larger effort does the feature depend on?

CURLing is a workaround, but does not work in many cases (eg. if repo ownership changed).

@desandro it's awesome that you're taking up requests like this, but this process seems a bit out of place, considering that everyone in this thread writes software for a living...

Edit: Found the open feature PR here: #1201

kenips commented Dec 26, 2014

@desandro please take a look at jlong/sass-bootstrap-defunct#143. @jlong was trying to release bootstrap-sass to twbs and wasn't able to do so. They should be handed over to @mdo

parris commented Dec 27, 2014

Could you please remove: react-android-timepicker from bower?

I renamed my github package from: react-android-timepicker to react-clock-timepicker

Both entries now exist in bower. I tried the unpublishing curl for the "android" variant, but I'm getting a "github error". This is possibly due to renaming the repo.

@williamboman williamboman referenced this issue in Luegg/angularjs-scroll-glue Dec 29, 2014

Bower package naming. #12


@satazor I'm working on getting this done and I would like to discuss the requirements. I think calling

curl -X DELETE "https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/PACKAGE?access_token=TOKEN"

from the client works. If that was all of it it would have been done already. So, what are the requirements for the command?

Any other aspect I haven't covered?


FYI, if you get a 500 "GitHub.com error" back, then try setting the token to have the public repo permission.


Cannot remove angularjs-scroll-glue (originally dumbly released a fork by original name), getting error GitHub.com error

Luegg commented Jan 3, 2015

Please unregister angularjs-scroll-glue and angularjs-scroll-glue-Luegg. The former is a no longer maintained fork and the later a ill-named registration someone else created. The correct package is angular-scroll-glue.


Could you please re-register git://github.com/outsideris/angular-summernote.git to git://github.com/summernote/angular-summernote.git
I got GitHub.com error from curl -X DELETE ...
Thank you.

@outsideris outsideris referenced this issue in summernote/summernote Jan 5, 2015

re-register bower registry #831


Please unregister primer because the repo git://github.com/code-curve/primer.git is no longer available. Thanks!


Please re-register zingchart to git@github.com:zingchart/ZingChart.git . Thanks!

ghost commented Jan 9, 2015

Please unregister ports (git@github.com:epistemex/ports.git). Thanks (and same as others: curl with option -X fails in windows).

@wibblymat wibblymat changed the title from Unregister package requests [$250] to Unregister package requests Jan 9, 2015
kossebau commented Jan 9, 2015

Hi. Please re-register viewerjs from git://github.com/aurigadl/Viewer.js.git to git://github.com/kogmbh/ViewerJS_release.git.
The former is an unmaintained 3rd-party package (whose author @aurigadl did not react to emails to the github registered email address in the last 2 months), while the latter is the maintained package from the original project developers.

@kossebau kossebau referenced this issue in kogmbh/ViewerJS Jan 9, 2015

add bower #114

kossebau commented Jan 9, 2015

Please unregister webodf_build.
It is an unmaintained 3rd-party package (whose author @aurigadl did not react to emails to the github registered email address in the last 2 months). A maintained package for the library webodf.js from the original project developers is already registered as webodf.js.

desandro commented Jan 9, 2015
  • @parris unregistered react-android-timepicker
  • @prettynatty @Luegg re-registered angularjs-scroll-glue to git://github.com/prettynatty/angularjs-scroll-glue.git . This package had lots of hits, so it's important to keep the registration.
  • @Luegg unregistered angularjs-scroll-glue-Luegg
  • @outsideris re-registered angular-summernote to git://github.com/summernote/angular-summernote.git
  • @stephenwinsor unregistered primer
  • @mike-schultz re-registered zingchart to git://github.com/zingchart/ZingChart.git
  • @epistemex unregistered ports
  • @kossebau
    • for viewerjs I've opened kogmbh/ViewerJS_release#1 to discuss resolving this
    • for webodf_build, There's no conflict here. Both webodf.js and webodf_build can co-exist.

No need to say thanks. Thank you for using Bower 🐦

lqez commented Jan 10, 2015

Hi bower team!
I'm an owner of summernote project.
Summernote had moved from HackerWins/summernote to summernote/summernote.
Please re-register it. Thanks.


Please re-register tmpl.js to git://github.com/felixexter/tmpl.js.git.

@kossebau kossebau referenced this issue in kogmbh/ViewerJS_release Jan 11, 2015

Bower registration #1


Hopefully solved now as far as also supporting the older version not covered before. So looking forward to next manual registration maintenance round :)

  • for webodf_build, There's no conflict here. Both webodf.js and webodf_build can co-exist.

Given that webodf_build package is outdated/unmaintained I would have proposed to clean things up, as it does not add anything to what the maintained version offers, and people might only get frustrated to learn there is another version with bugs fixed and new stuff added. But your call.

@andru255 andru255 referenced this issue in frontend-labs/yosonjs Jan 12, 2015

Change URL to the new repo in bower.json #20


bower unregister famous-material didn't work as unregister isn't a command (at least on my system) and the CURL option wasn't doing anything (visible) at all =-/

Could you please unregister and reregister famous-material from git://github.com/StephanBijzitter/Famous-Material to git://github.com/Skelware/Famous-Material?

mholt commented Jan 15, 2015

I was getting a "GitHub.com error" when trying to unregister Papa Parse with curl. Somehow this lib got registered 3 times, and I'd like to unregister all of them and start fresh:


I'm not sure how they appeared on Bower, as I've never used Bower before. Could you please unregister those? I'll re-register it in a little bit once I'm ready.

jrcamp commented Jan 16, 2015

I'm getting "GitHub.com error" when trying to unregister as well.

Can knockout-jqueryui be transferred to @gvas? Thanks!

csshugs commented Jan 16, 2015

Could you please unregister these packages:

  • genesis-helper
  • henryCSS


  • @lqez re-registered summernote to git://github.com/summernote/summernote.git
  • @felixexter re-registered tmpl.js to github.com/felixexter/tmpl.js.git
  • @StephanBijzitter re-registered famous-material to git://github.com/Skelware/Famous-Material.git
  • @mholt unregisterd papaparse, papaparse.js, and papa-parse . These packages had 1000's of hits, so they're fairly popular. We'd appreciate if you could re-register at least one
  • @jrcamp re-registered knockout-jqueryui to git://github.com/gvas/knockout-jqueryui.git
  • @csshugs unregistered genesis-helper and henryCSS

No need to say thank you. Thank you for using Bower.

mholt commented Jan 16, 2015

Thanks @desandro - I didn't know that. I re-registered Papa Parse under the name papaparse. But I found one more stray entry that should be removed; I'm not sure who put it there, and the repo doesn't exist anymore:

  • papa.parse (git://github.com/mholt/jquery.parse.git)

^- probably a good idea to create a system to automatically delete packages that haven't been valid for 30 days? 1 cron job a day on a server and 30 continuous fails = bye bye


I just need to transfer my package


can someone please change my 2 bower projects, i ended up putting ui-bootstrap instead of bootstrap-ui

They are




Can you let me know when this is done and i will update it on github. Thanks


Please unregister:

  • angular-timeline git://github.com/destegabry/angular-timeline.git

Owner does not support bower and issue has been open for > 12 months (see destegabry/angular-timeline#2) without response.

leoz commented Jan 20, 2015


Could you please un-register the following packages?

  • nglivejournal
  • xmlrpc

The git repos were moved to the new location.
I will register them again once they are removed.



Hi, i need to erase the lokijs-datagrid package.


tivie commented Jan 21, 2015

Can you re-register showdown package?
new url: https://github.com/showdownjs/showdown
new owner: showdownjs

The old url is outdated and corresponds to the repo before changing to a organization repository.

eordano commented Jan 22, 2015

Please move bitcore-channel from git://github.com/eordano/bitcore-channel.git to git://github.com/bitpay/bitcore-channel.git.


Please move bellhop from git://github.com/CloudKidStudio/Bellhop.git to git://github.com/SpringRoll/Bellhop.git. Thank you!

  • @jasonrichardsmith re-registered mongular-js to git://github.com/mongular/mongular-js.git ➡️
  • @rpocklin unregisterd angular-timeline
  • @leoz
    • re-registered nglivejournal to git://github.com/leoz/ngLiveJournal.git ➡️
    • re-registered xmlrpc to git://github.com/leoz/xmlrpc.js.git ➡️
  • @ManRueda unregistered lokijs-datagrid
  • @tivie re-registered showdown to git://github.com/showdownjs/showdown.git ➡️
  • @eordano re-registered bitcore-channel to git://github.com/bitpay/bitcore-channel ➡️
  • @bigtimebuddy re-registered bellhop to git://github.com/SpringRoll/Bellhop.git ➡️

No need to say thanks. Thank you for using Bower 🐦

@Gillardo Both bootstrap-ui-datetime-picker and bootstrap-ui-treeview are open to be registered. There is no need to unregister ui-bootstrap-datetime-picker or ui-bootstrap-treeview


please move picky-sass from git://github.com/ginacontrino/picky-sass.git to git://github.com/pickygoat/picky-sass.git

Admire the work :)

@jbender jbender referenced this issue in Narzerus/angular-permission Jan 26, 2015

Consider a better name for the module #25


please move angular-tags-input from git://github.com/anim/angular-tags-input.git to git://github.com/PLEEROCK/angular-tags-input.git

Ppjet6 commented Jan 29, 2015

I'm sorry I failed during the registration. Please move flex-min to flex-grid (https://github.com/Ppjet6/flex-grid)

gontard commented Jan 29, 2015

Please, move scribe-global from https://github.com/guardian/scribe.git to https://github.com/intactile/scribe-global.git


I would wager that a good 50% of these requests are due to folks typing their repo address by hand based on the instructions in bower's docs, where the example uses git:// protocol. I bet if you update that to use https, people will start copy/pasting their repo url from the address bar (you could even suggest as much in the docs), and you'll have a lot less requests here.

I'll also add that, since the curl command seems to not work under any circumstance, maybe remove that from the bower docs as well, and just direct users here?

That's all from the peanut gallery. Please change the repo for pretty-embed:

current: git://github.com/erquhart/bower-pretty-embed
new: https://github.com/mike-zarandona/PrettyEmbed.js

  • @desicochrane re-registered picky-sass to git://github.com/pickygoat/picky-sass.git ➡️
  • @PLEEROCK re-registered angular-tags-input to git://github.com/PLEEROCK/angular-tags-input.git ➡️
  • @gontard re-registered scribe-global to git://github.com/intactile/scribe-global.git ➡️
  • @erquhart re-registered pretty-embed to git://github.com/mike-zarandona/PrettyEmbed.js.git ➡️

@Ppjet6 You do not need to unregister a package to register it with a different name. flex-grid is already registered, but you are free to register your package with a different name.


@desandro thank you. Please check out my updated comment.

Ppjet6 commented Jan 31, 2015

@desandro, thank you for the information. Could you remove flex-min still, this one was a mistake.


Please move "file-input". I'm the owner of the parent repo. This user forked and registered the package just moments after I unregistered it during an attempt to relocate the repo to another organization.

The original location was git@github.com:garstasio/file-input.git.
I just moved the repo to git@github.com:rnicholus/file-input.git.

dvberkel commented Feb 4, 2015

I tried to do this with curl but it did not recognize me as the owner of the repository.

I would like to register a new owner and url for "cois-sprite-importer". Currently it is https://github.com/dvberkel/sprite-importer.git but ownership it transferred to https://github.com/Chair-of-Indefinite-Studies/sprite-importer.git


Please update adapter.js from git@github.com:GoogleChrome/webrtc.git to git@github.com:webrtc/adapter.git
The delete method fails probably because we moved and split the repository between the organization.

@andresusanopinto andresusanopinto referenced this issue in webrtc/adapter Feb 5, 2015

Update registration on Bower #11

c808xx commented Feb 8, 2015

Hi, I have issue registering my package angular-route-ext. Please unregister angular-route-ext and angular-route-ext-test. So I can re-register. I tried to unregister them myself but could not re-register. I got the following error:

bower EUNKNOWN Unknown error: 403

Command I ran: bower register angluar-route-ext git://github.com/c808xx/angular-route-ext.git

rwjblue commented Feb 10, 2015

Please change ember-qunit to point to git://github.com/rwjblue/ember-qunit-builds.

Back story:

  • It was originally located at git://github.com/rpflorence/ember-qunit
  • Ownership was transferred to @rwjblue and the main project lives at git://github.com/rwjblue/ember-qunit.git
  • Builds have been removed from that repo, and moved to the rwjblue/ember-qunit-builds repo which is where we need ember-qunit to point...
  • @Ppjet6 unregistered flex-min
  • @rnicholus re-registered file-input to git://github.com/rnicholus/file-input.git ➡️
  • @dvberkel re-registered cois-sprite-importer to git://github.com/Chair-of-Indefinite-Studies/sprite-importer.git ➡️
  • @andresusanopinto re-registered adapter.js to git://github.com/webrtc/samples.git ➡️
  • @c808xx both angular-route-ext and angular-route-ext-test are not registered
  • @rwjblue re-registered ember-qunit to git://github.com/rwjblue/ember-qunit-builds.git ➡️

Thanks much Mr. @desandro!

@erquhart erquhart referenced this issue in bower/bower.github.io Feb 10, 2015

Hint users to copy git endpoint from GitHub #117


Please rename git-pu-video to pu-video. Thank you!

@Munter Munter referenced this issue in unexpectedjs/unexpected-sinon Feb 13, 2015

Add bower.json #5

panterz commented Feb 19, 2015

I am trying to unregister a bower package called fieldtrip-extend-record. I am a collaborator but when I run the one below
curl -X DELETE https://bower.herokuapp.com/packages/fieldtrip-extend-record?access_token=TOKEN

I am getting the error that I am not a collaborator.

Is it possible to manually unregister it for me?

warpech commented Feb 19, 2015

Please re-register: fast-json-patch git://github.com/Starcounter-Jack/Fast-JSON-Patch.git
to: git://github.com/Starcounter-Jack/JSON-Patch.git

@wibblymat wibblymat removed the bounty label Feb 21, 2015

Please re-register inject git@github.com:linkedin/inject-bower.git to git@github.com:linkedin/inject.git.

It was asked for in a previous comment #120 (comment), but it hasn't been done. :)

  • @liccy-fuentes registered pu-video to git://github.com/PracticeUpdate/pu-video.git
  • @panterz unregistered fieldtrip-extend-record
  • @warpech re-registered fast-json-patch to git://github.com/Starcounter-Jack/JSON-Patch.git ➡️
  • @sorich87 re-registered inject to git://github.com/linkedin/inject.git ➡️

Thank you for using Bower!

tocker commented Feb 22, 2015

Can you please process @seba-1511's request so that the package cloudinary is released and can be registered to @cloudinary's master repository (https://github.com/cloudinary/cloudinary_js)?

  • release package cloudinary from git://github.com/seba-1511/cloudinary_js.git
  • register package cloudinary to git://github.com/cloudinary/cloudinary_js.git


@rhubarbselleven rhubarbselleven referenced this issue in marionettejs/backbone.syphon Feb 25, 2015

bower update #69


Hello - I need to get a bower package unregistered from my name / github account, as the repository was moved.

The original repository was derickbailey/backbone.syphon - the package was backbone.syphon

if you could get that package unregistered so that the new team maintaining it can register the new version, that would be awesome.


@samccone samccone referenced this issue in bower/registry Feb 25, 2015

Fix Unregistration of transfered repos #116


Can you remove the package jquery-loadtemplate? I removed the github repository and need the package to be deleted. Thank you!

sbstjn commented Mar 3, 2015

timesheet.js git://github.com/CatTail/timesheet.js.git is not available anymore
timesheet git://github.com/semu/timesheet.js.git is not available anymore


Hello, could you please move the model-validator package?

From: git://github.com/dasnervtdoch/model-validator
To: git://github.com/abedurftig/model-validator

GitHub account has been renamed. Thanks very much!

desandro commented Mar 4, 2015
  • @tocker @seba-1511 re-registered cloudinary to git://github.com/cloudinary/cloudinary_js.git ➡️
  • @derickbailey unregistered backbone.syphon
  • @ssc-hrep3 unregistered jquery-loadtemplate
  • @sbstjn unregistered timesheet.js . timesheet is still registered as it's properly pointing to git://github.com/semu/timesheet.js.git
  • @abedurftig re-registered model-validator to git://github.com/abedurftig/model-validator.git ➡️

No need to say thanks. Thank you for using Bower 🐦

bladev2 commented Mar 6, 2015

Hi - can you please unregister jwt-decode-test ? Thanks!

bbooth commented Mar 14, 2015

Need to remove ember-cli-skycons-shim. Ended up not needing it. The curl for me keeps returning a 404 :(


Hello, could you please move the crypto-js package?

From: git://github.com/Jeff-Mott-OR/CryptoJS.git
To: git://github.com/evanvosberg/crypto-js.git

Since the original repo doesn't exists anymore and my one is already well known on npm people asked for adding bower support. I just did so and added bower support and released a new version.

@evanvosberg evanvosberg referenced this issue in brix/crypto-js Mar 21, 2015

Bower support #21


As a follow up for comment #120 (comment) -- the package is currently registered as crypto-js-evanvosberg. The original crypto-js package cannot be downloaded anymore due to 404 (repo has been deleted).



Could you please unregister the polynvd3 package? I recreated it under the poly-nvd3 name.

cubedro commented Mar 27, 2015

Could you please move ethereum.js
FROM: git://github.com/cubedro/ethereum.js.git
TO: git://github.com/ethereum/ethereum.js.git

Thank you!

@cubedro cubedro referenced this issue in ethereum/web3.js Mar 27, 2015

Bower still points to cubedbro/ethereum.js. #127

sheerun commented Mar 31, 2015

Hey everyone. Bower 1.4.0 now includes unregister feature.

If you're still unable to unregister your component, please open an issue on bower/registry.

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