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bower-installer #136

blittle opened this Issue · 5 comments

2 participants

Bret Little André Cruz
Bret Little

I recently put together a small project for extracting out bower main files from components and installing them to a custom locations.

What are your thoughts about such a tool?

André Cruz

We plan to resolve the fact that bower copies all stuff.
This will probably be solved with something similar to npmignore.

André Cruz satazor closed this
Bret Little

@satazor I assume there will be functionality to define specific files to copy even if the repo does not have a component.json file?

André Cruz

Yes, we can also cover that with some option in the root project component.json

André Cruz

This are things that need to be discussed in here: #88
Can you please leave your feedback there?

Bret Little

Perfect! I am excited. Those are my only real problems with bower right now which is why I put together this quick-fix to enable it.

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