Allow specific commits to be targeted #275

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satazor commented Feb 24, 2013

Follow up of #107.

adding a 👍 so I can be notified of changes in this thread. Thanks @satazor !


sindresorhus commented Feb 24, 2013

@robdodson ⬇️ learn GitHub, click the "Watch thread" button instead. Thanks :)

😬 my bad! my knowledge stops at emoji. thanks for the tip.


wibblymat commented Apr 18, 2013

Because this touches on the clone/checkout code it will be affected by merging (or not) #379 and #382.

I have code that I think resolves this issue but I'm going to wait until those other PRs are accepted or rejected before submitting a PR to avoid horrible merge issues.


satazor commented Apr 19, 2013

@wibblymat this strategy is already implemented in the rewrite. The performance improvement is amazing. I dunno if we should care about this in the master branch. I expect the rewrite to land in 1 month.


wibblymat commented Apr 19, 2013

@satazor Ah, fair enough. I just worked on them because they were marked for the 0.9.0 milestone in the issue tracker.

Should actually be a bit simpler to base this off master so I'll do that.


satazor commented Apr 19, 2013

@wibblymat yea I know. I'm just afraid that we can possibly break things with this change in the master. The tests coverage is not that good.


satazor commented Apr 25, 2013

@wibblymat can we extract just the commit hash logic from the whole --depth=1 perf improvements? I would love to have this for 0.9.0.


wibblymat commented Apr 29, 2013

@satazor Sorry for not getting back on this sooner, had a busy few days!

I have a branch that will allow you to specify a commit, but I have some issues with it. At the moment dependency resolution is still version based. This means that if the repo has some tags or if it has a bower.json with a version in then it works fine because a version can be guessed. Otherwise you get errors.

Maybe this is better than nothing and could go in? It feels like a hack but I'm not sure how to resolve it pre-rewrite.

@wibblymat wibblymat added a commit to wibblymat/bower that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2013

@wibblymat wibblymat Allow a commit hash instead of a semver version (#275) 1031af3

yass 👍


necolas commented May 29, 2013

Delivered by #441

necolas closed this May 29, 2013

Is this in the release yet?

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