bower leaves /tmp/bower behind after 'bower install' causing permission problems #766

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ghost commented Aug 12, 2013

Bower leaves /tmp/bower after a 'bower install', owned by the current user. If a subsequent user attempts a 'bower install', they get a permission error as they cannot write to /tmp/bower.

Ideally, bower should rmdir /tmp/bower on completion of a build.
It would also be nice if it checked the ownership of /tmp/bower on an bower install, and either failed early or attempted to chown it (since the permissions of /tmp may allow this)


satazor commented Aug 12, 2013

This was fixed in bower 1.1.1, are you using an old version of bower? See: #743

satazor closed this Aug 12, 2013

I'm still getting this error on bower 1.1.2.

Error: EACCES, rename '/tmp/bower/jquery-5863-GeAJkM'

System info:
Bower version: 1.1.2
Node version: 0.10.13
OS: Linux 3.5.0-37-generic x64


After manually clearing caches (i.e: deleting /tmp/bower, ~/.bower/cache and ~/.cache/bower) it started working.

The same error persists in bower 1.2.8

System info:
Bower version: 1.2.8
Node version: 0.10.22
OS: Linux 3.8.0-29-generic x64

@GuyWithAfro your suggestion worked.. works fine after manually clearing ~/.cache/bower

yosriady referenced this issue in angular/angular-phonecat Jun 26, 2014


Issue with bower #163

vanbumi commented Oct 25, 2014

'@GuyWithAfro your suggestion worked.. works fine after manually clearing ~/.cache/bower'

@koustuvsinha where is those folder? I can see it how to cleat that cache bower

I was having this issue with bower 1.3.12 and deleting ~/.cache/bower worked for me as well.

Bower version: 1.4.1, deleting ~/.cache/bower worked. Thanks @GuyWithAfro!

thomcom commented Nov 3, 2015

I had a crusty ~/.cache/bower as well, with root ownership! Removing that directory fixed me.

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