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Create package

curl -v -F 'name=jquery' -F 'url=git://'

Find package




Unregister package

You can unregister packages with bower unregister. You first need to authenticate with GitHub with bower login to confirm you are a contributor to the package repo.

bower login
# enter username and password
? Username:
? Password:
# unregister packages after successful login
bower unregister <package>

You'll likely want to bower cache clean after your change. Please remember it is generally considered bad behavior to remove versions of a library that others are depending on. Think twice :) If the above doesn't work for you, you can request a package be unregistered manually.

Unregistering (for owners)

First, Have access, Install toolbelt, Then:

heroku run node --app=bower
d = require('./lib/database');
function deletePkg(name){ d.deletePackage(name, function (err, res) { console.log('error: ', err); console.log("result: ", res); }); }
deletePkg("package-name") // and repeat as neccessary


  1. Install PostgreSQL database on your system and configure connections in config directory.
  2. Create database and run migrations:
gulp db:create
gulp db:migrate
  1. Run server:
node index.js


Make sure you installed PostgreSQL and properly configured config/test.js, and then:



If the PORT and/or DATABASE_URL environment variables are not set, the registry will use the following defaults for development environment:


And following defaults for test environment:


In order to change either variable, set them in your environment: (i.e. linux)

export PORT=[port]

export DATABASE_URL=[url]

Registry service has timezone set to UTC via environmental variable TZ.

Postgres db SERVER_ENCODING is set to UTF8.

Registry is using node-config package for configuration.

Private registry

For private registry you might be interesed in turning off options in config/default.js:

    // Skip URL validation? (i.e. skip checking repo via git)
    skipValidation: false,

    // Skip URL normalization? (e.g. leave ssh urls as is)
    skipNormalization: false,


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