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Community Maps

This survery/experiment targets respondents in Canada, soliciting information on subjective communities via online map creation and asks questions about respondent attitudes on racial issues both within the subjective communities and official tabulation areas.


All of the survey logic and text is in the app/ directory.

Editing text (i.e. "things inside quotation marks") can easily be accomplished by navigating the repository to the screens directory, selecting a screen file, and clicking on the "edit this page" link at the top of the page.

You can also checkout the repository using git. This is required if you wish to push an update to the app server. Before doing so, you will need to install cake and lein as described on the respective home pages. You will also need to install the (Google App Engine SDK (for Java))[] and put the script in your $PATH.

The Makefile includes two convenient tasks for local development:

  • localdev: launches the swank server (Emacs + Clojure integration)
  • deploy: pushes the code to Google's server. NOTE: before using this task, it is strongly recommended that you increase the version number in the war/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml file. This wil allow us to rollback to the previous version if there is an error in this deployment.

GIS development

The gis directory contains all the build scripts to generate the Postgis based district look up server and the static KML files used for display respondent districts. These tasks are designed to run on a stock Ubuntu 11.10 installation, such as the Amazon EC2 platform, though they can also run in a virtual machine.

The gis directory contains its own Makefile that runs the installation of software, setting up the database, and generating the KML files. Running make install-gis in the root directory will in turn run make install in the gis directory. Early in the build script, you will need to supply the password for the GIS files. Contact Jake or Mark to get it.


Currently, you can test the deployed version of the survey using: