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Migration BowsCoin on XLM asset

Data start: 06 March 2019

Data stop: 30 April 2019

  1. Generate asset

  2. Send 21,000,000 BSC to treasury address

  3. Acceptance of applications for migration:

    3.1. Send your BowsCoin to burning address: BSCtoXLMBurninfzzzzzzzzzzzzzxS3QUf

    !!!Sending only from your personal wallet!!!

    3.2. Sign the message: bowscoind signmessage bowscoinaddress message (sample result signature)

    3.3. Send email to, text: bowscoinaddress signature message amount

    3.4. Add trust line your XLM wallet for asset: BSC-GBLTTRJXIAK7Z5YFXCJ33EQ3UX2ZYMPH7VDHWOCF6YOSLBWGM6HGED2X (desktop, on-line)

    3.5. Termination of applications 20 April 2019!

  4. Afte 'Data stop' return unclaimed BSC asset on issuing address: GBLTTRJXIAK7Z5YFXCJ33EQ3UX2ZYMPH7VDHWOCF6YOSLBWGM6HGED2X

    Total asset BSC = Balance burning address

    !!!Issuance of additional assets is not possible!!!

    !!!Support BowsCoin repositories, node, explorer will be stopped!!!

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