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workflow_on_mongoid.gemspec Workflow 1.0.0 / Ruby 2.0.0 compatibility Apr 15, 2013


workflow_on_mongoid is deprecated

Please use a state machine like which supports Mongoid. It's been great working on workflow_on_mongoid over the years, but I no longer have the time to support the gem. Since there is no plugin mechanism in the original workflow gem, keeping workflow_on_mongoid up-to-date and tested has become increasingly difficult. At the same time, I've had less and less free time to devote to open source projects. Thanks for your support!

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About workflow_on_mongoid

workflow_on_mongoid lets you use the Workflow gem with your Mongoid documents to add state machine functionality.

How to use it

In your Gemfile, instead of

gem 'workflow'


gem 'workflow_on_mongoid'

That is all. Now you can use Workflow with your Mongoid documents. Of course, you can still continue to use Workflow with ActiveRecord, Remodel and plain objects. All that workflow_on_mongoid does is to add Mongoid support. You can use all the features of Workflow with Mongoid models, including reflection of events & states, transition hooks, support for inherited models, etc. Just refer to the Workflow docs.


The version numbers of workflow_on_mongoid track the latest supported version of Workflow . The major version number (x.x.x) matches the latest supported version of the Workflow gem, while the minor version number (0.7.0.y) tracks changes to workflow_on_mongoid itself.


class MongoidImage
  include Mongoid::Document

  field :title
  field :status

  include Workflow    # Note this *must* occur after at least one
                      # Mongoid::* include, otherwise your status will not be persisted.

  workflow_column :status

  workflow do
    state :unconverted do
      event :convert, :transitions_to => :converted
    state :converted

See the tests for Mongoid for more examples. Do ensure your include Workflow line occurs after at least one Mongoid::Include line.


I've included all the tests from the original workflow gem and added comprehensive tests for Mongoid support, which is now as well-tested as ActiveRecord support. Including the existing tests ensures that workflow_on_mongoid implements support for Mongoid documents without breaking anything.

Project Info

workflow_on_mongoid is hosted on Github: . It's a tiny project, but your contributions, forkings, comments and feedback are definitely appreciated.


Special thanks to:

Copyright © 2011 Mani Tadayon, released under the MIT License