Required Parameters plugin for the Grails framework
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Required Parameters plugin for the Grails framework.

This plugin simplifies working with Grails controller actions as it defines a simple annotation-style method to check whether all necessary parameters of an action are present.

How to use

When you install the plugin, you get a new annotation-type: de.bowstreet.grails.plugins.RequiredParameters. To use it, you simply add it to your desired action-method (note: only methods as actions are supported right now) like this:

import de.bowstreet.grails.plugins.RequiredParameters

public class FooController {

    @RequiredParameters(['id', 'anotherParam'])
    def bar() {
        // action logic...


The request will only be forwarded to the controller if all the given conditions are met. If a required parameter is missing, the user will get an HTTP 400 BAD REQUEST.


Please use this plugin as a starting point for your own purposes - its very simple in nature right now, because that's what we need right now - but we plan to expand it in the future. Look at the issues section if you want to see what's already planned.