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  1. PHAR
  2. Phive
  3. Composer
  4. Homebrew


The preferred method of installation is to use the Box PHAR which can be downloaded from the most recent Github Release. This method ensures you will not have any dependency conflict issue.


You can install Box with Phive

$ phive install humbug/box

To upgrade box use the following command:

$ phive update humbug/box


You can install Box with Composer:

$ composer global require humbug/box

If you cannot install it because of a dependency conflict or you prefer to install it for your project, we recommend you to take a look at bamarni/composer-bin-plugin. Example:

$ composer require --dev bamarni/composer-bin-plugin
$ composer bin box require --dev humbug/box

$ vendor/bin/box


To install box using Homebrew, you need to tap the box formula first

$ brew tap humbug/box
$ brew install box

The box command is now available to run from anywhere in the system:

$ box -v

To upgrade box use the following command:

$ brew upgrade box

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