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Upload to Box Chrome Extension

An example extension showing how to interact with the events endpoint.

The example showcases the following SDK features:

  • Events

The example also showcases the following Chrome features:

  • Notifications

Using the extension


The extension requires an API client ID and client secret to function. Uncomment the lines and replace them with your ID and secret.

    //.constant('clientSecret', 'uII-----------------------------')
    //.constant('clientId', 'i3p-----------------------------');


Building the extension requires Grunt. *If you are new to Grunt, you will find a lot of answers to your questions in their getting started guide.

From the same directory as Gruntfile.js, type

npm install
bower install


To install, enable developer mode and select this folder from the 'Load Unpacked Extension' dialog. For more information, see the Chrome Developer Guide.