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Jul 31, 2014
Fixed dynamic downsampling and smoothing for graphs with data on the …
…right axis
Jul 30, 2014
Updating version number
Jul 30, 2014
Improving auto update for graphs
Added ten percent overlap to pulling updated data to try to mitigate OpenTSDB metrics with greater than average data lag.
Jul 24, 2014


Updating database creation script to include adding swadmin user.
Feb 24, 2014
Tweak for menu divider in ad-hoc interface, bumped version to 0.8.11
Feb 1, 2014
Bump version to 0.8.10
Jan 11, 2014
Bump version to 0.8.9
Jan 4, 2014
Made the option to turn off interpolation in searches configurable fo…
…r installs that don't have the patch to allow it
Dec 28, 2013
Fixed issue with some graph ranges going wonky on update
Dec 21, 2013
Fixed issue loading new data tables js lib on case-sensitive filesyst…
…ems. OS X strikes again.
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