Upgrading from v0.8.x to v0.9

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Upgrading is supported for version 0.8 and later

  1. Download the new version

    • Pulling from GitHub

        cd <your local StatusWolf repo>
        git pull
    • Download .zip file from GitHub

        cd /var/tmp
        wget https://github.com/box/StatusWolf/archive/master.zip
        unzip master.zip
        cd StatusWolf-master
        mv * <your StatusWolf install directory>

    *Download .tar or .zip file from statuswolf.com

         cd /var/tmp
         wget http://statuswolf.com/StatusWolf.tgz (or wget http://statuswolf.com/StatusWolf.zip)
         cd <your StatusWolf install directory>
         tar xzf /var/tmp/StatusWolf.tar (or unzip /var/tmp/StatusWolf.zip)
  2. Install the PHP dependencies using Composer

     cd <StatusWolf root>
     composer install --no-dev
  3. Install the javascript dependencies. You can find the list here, or you can simply run the get_javascript_requirements.sh script at the root of the StatusWolf install. The script uses wget, if that isn't installed on your system you can edit the script and replace wget with curl -O to use Curl instead.

     cd <StatusWolf root>
    • If you prefer to use a local copy of the D3 library, download it from http://d3js.org/ and put it in <StatusWolf root>/app/static/js/lib/, making sure it's named d3.min.js
  4. Go to your StatusWolf site in your browser, the upgrade process will begin automatically. Once the process finishes it will present you with a list of legacy directories that can be removed. It's not necessary to do so, but is recommended to avoid confusion. The upgrade process also changes database tables, the affected tables are saved in place as <table_name>_delete, once you are satisfied with the upgrade process you can drop these tables from your database to save space if you'd like.

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