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Users who need to use shmock needs to specify a base class that has
    use \Shmock\Shmockers;


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TestScribe is a tool that automates testing a piece of PHP code in isolation.

Problem statement:

Testing a piece of code in isolation is useful. But the traditional method of writing unit tests to do this kind of testing is tedious and time consuming.

How does the tool help:

This is a command line tool. The tool takes information such as the target method name from command line arguments. It will interactively ask you for the following inputs

  • Name of the test
  • What input values to give the method under test.
  • What value to return when mocked methods are called.

It will show the execution result and interactions with the mocked dependencies if any. It will generate a complete, functional unit test in the right location for you.

Here is an example.

Repeat this process to generate additional tests which will be added to the test file.

It can generate a test in seconds instead of minutes.

It supports integration with mocking frameworks. Thus it allows you to test your code in isolation even before your dependencies are fully implemented.

It supports integration with Intellij. Select a method you would like to test in intellij. Press a key to launch the tool.

The tool is initially targeted in PHP. But the technique is language agnostic.


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