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@dmaynard dmaynard released this Feb 14, 2017

This release adds support for a number of new API endpoints.

New API Endpoints:

New Features:

  • Transactional Authentication. Support for Box's new Transactional Auth APIs.
  • Upload file versions with SHA1. A file's SHA1 can be passed in to BoxFile.uploadVersion(...) when uploading new versions.
  • Get effective_access for shared links. The effective_access field is accessible through BoxSharedLink. getEffectiveAccess().
  • Added additional Event Types. The TASK_ASSIGNMENT_COMPLETE, TASK_ASSIGNMENT_UPDATE, TASK_CREATE, COMMENT_DELETE types are now included in the BoxEvent class.

Bug Fixes:

Box Java SDK Issues

Known Issues:

JWT, which is needed for AppUsers, requires Java 1.7 or later. The rest of the SDK still supports Java 1.6 as expected.