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Advanced grep in your alerts and dashboards.

wavectl allows users to execute regular expression searches on alerts and dashboards. Using the resource options, the user can specify fields and a regular expression to match for each field. wavectl will process only resources that satisfy all specified regular expressions. For show command, only the matched alerts/dashboards will be displayed, for push only the matching ones will be written to Wavefront, and so on.

For example: show alerts that have "Kubernetes" and "Utilization" in their names:

  $ wavectl show alert --name "Kubernetes.*Utilization"
  ID               NAME                                                                                     STATUS                              SEVERITY    
  1523082347619    Kubernetes - Node Network Utilization - HIGH (Prod)                                      CHECKING                            WARN      
  1523082347824    Kubernetes - Node Cpu Utilization - HIGH (Prod)                                          CHECKING                            WARN      
  1523082348005    Kubernetes - Node Memory Swap Utilization - HIGH (Prod)                                  SNOOZED                             WARN

The --match parameter can be used to search anywhere in the json representation of an alert or a dashboard rather than in known key value pairs.

For example: Show the dashboards that use metrics from the live environment

  $ wavectl show dashboard --match "env=live"
  ID                      NAME                                                        DESCRIPTION                                                                                         
  metadata-php            Metadata PHP                                                Monitors for Metadata in the PHP webapp                                                             
  octoproxy               Skynet Octoproxy                                            One look summary about the load balancer                                                            
  skynet-kube-box-pki     SKYNET KUBE BOX PKISomeNameToBeMachedInKubeBoxPki           Info about PKI system.

Write alerts back to Wavefront that have a specific person in the updaterId

  $ wavectl push /tmp/AdvancedGrep/dashboards dashboard --updaterId hbaba
  Replaced dashboard(s):
  ID                      NAME                                                        DESCRIPTION                                                                                         
  SKYNET-OCTOPROXY-DEV    Skynet Octoproxy Dev                                        One look summary about the load balancer                                                            
  data-retention          Data Retention                                              Info about Data                                                                                     
  jgranger001             Skynet Monitoring (Cloned)SomeMatchStringSomeMatchString                                                                                                        
  metadata-operations     Metadata Operations                                         Metrics about each operation that can be performed against the data store                           
  metadata-perfpod        Metadata PerfPod                                            Monitors for testing Metadata in the PerfPods                                                       
  metadata-php            Metadata PHP                                                Monitors for Metadata in the PHP webapp                                                             

wavectl uses python standard library's regular expression module. Any valid python regular expression can be specified for the resource options.