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Development Plans and Progress

This pages exists to help developers track current developmet and release progress. Plans and ideas for future releases can be found on the FuturePlans page.

Current State of Play (for all architectures)

  • BoxRecentChanges is a tracking page that can be used to document high-level feature changes and enhancements that have been implemented on the development trunk. These notes are the kind of text that would form the body of the changelog.
  • DeveloperCredits allows developers to identify their contributions to the current development. At the time of the release these notes would be moved into the release notes.
  • TestResults allows testers to report on their progress in the run-up to release.
  • ReleasePlan allows the development and test teams to coordinate their efforts prior to the next Box Backup release.

Windows Client Development

  • KnownBugsWin32 identifies problems currently outstanding with the Windows client
  • DevelopmentTODO identifies some low-level tasks still to be implemented.

Admin note: There are obviously several pages tracking current development, and these could do with rationalising. It would be helpful if a member of the development team could merge some of these pages into a more cohesive list of pages.

Now that this wiki, and the development, is managed under Trac these things would be better managed through TracTickets as that will provide good tracing from initial idea, through discussion, into changes and releases (aka TracRoadmap)

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