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Releases: boxbilling/boxbilling

03 Apr 23:45
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Release 4.22-beta.1.5 (2022-4-3)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed typo in config file error message.
  • Fixed "lorem ipsum" on Bootstrap theme.

New Features

  • BoxBilling will now display release notes on the update screen.
  • Added the ability to add SEO (metadata) descriptions to announcements.

General Updates

  • Updated composer packages

Note: This is expected to be the last release of BoxBilling that supports PHP 7.4


16 Feb 07:51
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Release 4.22-beta.1.4 (2022-2-15)

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolve issues with MySQL 8.0+ by removing use of deprecated variable


23 Dec 07:19
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Avoid overriding theme config with updates

  • Prepopulate boostrap theme settings
  • Auto rename .htaccess and theme configs during install


06 Dec 04:37
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We are working to bring all of the latest and greatest improvements we have made over the last year into a release for everyone to use!
This one is pretty small, but brings some bug fixes and a security patch.


  • Convert domain name to lowercase when creating a new order to avoid potential errors. Based on discussion here
  • Removed MOFH
  • Be more descriptive with extraction errors.
  • Updated cURL user agent
  • Improved setup wording


  • Fix a potential XSS with the 'icon_url' parameter when creating a new product, category, or addon.

Bug Fixes:

  • Plesk integration should now work correctly for most people.
  • 🎉 Fix spamChecker and removed reCAPTCHA v1 (Will not work until after cron is run at least once!)
  • Fix file_get_contents offset
  • Fixed missing KB icon in the admin dashboard

Edit: if you are performing a new install, rename useme.htaccess to .htaccess.
This will be handled automatically in future releases


30 Nov 07:15
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It has been a full year since BoxBilling has seen a release, but we have been doing work under the hood including bug fixes, security patches, feature improvements, and general cleanup of the software.

4.22-beta.2 is NOT ready yet, but today we have compiled a new release with fixes for some of the most commonly mentioned issues.
This release is 4.22-beta.1.1, a maintenance release.

What's changed!

This release doesn't bring any new features or massive improvements, but it'll improve the overall and usability quality of BoxBilling.
The most exiting one's are in bold and italicized. 😉

  • Add invoice printing support for Bootstrap theme 📃
  • Fix PDF generation 🎉
  • Initial support for PHP 8
  • Updates to SQL Backend
  • BoxBilling should now be able to update off of GitHub when we push a new release
  • Cleaned up errors and oddities with themes
  • Resolved problems with KB entries, Tickets, and Invoices being duplicated in the BoxBilling interface
  • Corrected some backend errors and issues
  • Added 2 missing configuration parameters to DirectAdmin integration
  • Updated countries
  • Some security improvements
  • Updated dependencies

Full changelog:


30 Nov 07:36
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!! This release does not work with PHP 8. Use PHP 7.4 instead. !!

Here we are, BoxBilling is being rewritten to work with newer versions of PHP.
🐛 This is a pre-release, we expect to have your feedback. If you've found a bug, please create an issue.

  • We've completely removed the licensing system. BoxBilling is now completely free and open-source, and 'PRO' features are now unlocked for everyone. 🎉
  • Added MyOwnFreeHost support
  • Added a module for custom pages
  • Dropped out support for the defunct YouHosting
  • Dropped out Kloxo support
  • Fixed compatibility issues for newer versions of MySQL
  • Brand new layout for error messages
  • New "bootstrap" theme
  • Critical security fixes
  • Nearly full support for PHP 7.4
  • Dropping out support for PHP versions lower than 7.2
  • Switched completely from MySQLi to PDO
  • Completely rewritten currency rate system. We integrated the European Central Bank and Currencylayer's API to BoxBilling and hooked the automatic conversion rate updating to the Cron jobs. So, whenever you fire up Cron jobs, the conversion rate will be updated automatically.

Release Assets

BoxBilling v4.22-beta.1:
SHA256 ae272818216565f14f2b0228e12daddfe6dfc6806e8fd89f9a497b25f1b0f545
SHA512 0ca9e9a75e52c4c0daab71de0e1a99b5127699b054968d6a731606b89fd3fd3c679bf4ae3edf1c2e17b4ed3ce482ddb54dcdcc628bf8c7fe821a27962e43142d


21 Feb 15:38
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4.21 Release


23 Sep 15:10
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Finish 4.20


24 Jul 08:39
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Finish 4.19.1


22 Jul 08:51
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  • Cron job memory optimizations
  • Remove convertToModels() function as it uses too much RAM
  • Fixed issue with custom fields of client
  • Forum search fix
  • Product and admin area icons will be using absolute path in order to avoid issues when BoxBilling installed in subfolder
  • Domain privacy button issue fixed
  • Various bug fixes and improvements