Example extension readme file

Module purpose is to provide a starting point for developer to get started creating his own BoxBilling module.

Explore the files and comments in the code to better understand the structure of module. Contact Development helpdesk at if you need more information.

In general modules are used to extend BoxBilling basic functionality.

All modules can access other modules via API or database

More about extensions at

BoxBilling module requirements


  • Folder must contain manifest.json file to describe itself


  • - file for installation and getting started instructions
  • Folder html_admin - for admin area templates, to store custom *.phtml files
  • Folder html_client - for client area templates, to store custom *.phtml files ###### Controller folder
  • Admin.php - if module has install/uninstall instructions or admin area interface
  • Client.php - if module has client area interface ###### Api folder
  • Admin.php - file for Admin API
  • Client.php - file for Client API
  • Guest.php - file for Guest API


We recommend to host your extensions on public repository