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Check these already asked questions before submitting new ticket. It is very likely it has already been answered.

Do I still need to buy PRO license if I use open source BoxBilling?


How to obtain license key?

Get license at

How can I access BoxBilling admin area?

BoxBilling admin area is located at url: This link can be changed in bb-config.php file by editing value of admin_area_prefix.

I have modified theme file but changes did not appear. Why?

Set BB_DEBUG to TRUE in bb-config.php file

What are the differences between Pro and Free versions of BoxBilling?

See differences at order page

Blank page or Error 500

Missing or disabled curl extension

BoxBilling use curl a lot - its by default enabled in php, but sometimes its either not present or its in list of disabled_functions in php.ini

Using phpinfo() or php.ini check whether curl extension is enabled, if not recompile php. If curl_exec is within disabled_functions list, remove it from php.ini

Cache folder is not writable

bb-data/cache folder is not writable. BoxBilling keeps compiled templates in this directory, if its not writable it may result with blank page error. To fix that: CHMOD 777 bb-data/cache

Low memory_limit

Blank page may occur on some server environments, where PHP does not handle garbage collection properly. Increase memory_limit in php.ini to reasonable value - over 128MB is always safe or upgrade PHP to latest version.

I get an error: Call to undefined function gettext() in ...

Make sure you server has gettext extension enabled. Contact your hosting provider to enable it for you.