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Updating BoxBilling

To track BoxBilling development milestones please visit our github page at

Automatic updates

When BoxBilling new version is released you will be notified in admin area dashboard.

To check if new version is available to update go to Extensions > Overview -> Update section

If there is new version available you can try using automatic updater.


PHP extensions ftp and zip should be available for this to work


Do not interrupt automatic update process as it may lead to unexpected results.

Manual update

  1. Download latest version from download page
  2. Extract files at your computer
  3. Upload (overwrite) extracted files via FTP
  4. Execute update file on your browser


Please make full backups of your current installation before proceeding.

Updating with console

Geeky method to update BoxBilling. Create script in your BoxBilling installation directory.



wget -O -q $UPDATE_URL
unzip -o
php bb-update.php
rm -rf
rm -rf bb-data/cache/*