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Enterprise Kubernetes and DevOps

Hi there, we're BoxBoat, an IBM Company

We are a boutique consulting organization focused on helping companies adopt DevOps through Kubernetes and Automation.

We are engineers at ❤️

  • 🗺️ We are a fully remote company. We have engineers spread all across the US.
  • ❤️ We love Kubernetes and the Cloud Native ecosystem.
  • 🤓 We have practices around GitHub, GitLab, Azure, AWS, GCP, and Security!
  • Here's our GitLab

🤑 We are hiring, reach out to us if you want to become part of the team.

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  1. fixuid Public

    Go binary to change Docker container user/group and file permissions at runtime

    Go 408 36

  2. A client-side tool to perform automated checks against an AKS cluster to see if it follows best-practices.

    JavaScript 62 10

  3. Upstream Jenkins Shared Library to Build, Promote, and Deploy Docker images

    Groovy 35 8

  4. dockcmd Public

    CLI tool providing a collection of commands to facilitate DevOps and accelerate CI/CD

    Go 17 4

  5. Simplify Kubernetes Secrets Management with Dockhand Secrets Operator

    Go 15 2

  6. Docker Registry that cleans up Least Recently Used tags

    Go 10 2


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