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A gem or plugin for both the user and provider Boxcar API.



Release Notes

Version 1.2

Updated to support new API features.

The Boxcar API Gem

boxcar_api is an easy way to add Boxcar notifications to your application.

Getting Started

First, you'll need to create a provider here. We'll give you a provider key and a provider secret. Once you have those, you can get started:

provider ='your_key', 'your_secret')

Subscribe a Boxcar user to your service:

provider.subscribe ""

Then send that user a notification:

provider.notify("", "Your product has shipped!")

You can also send a group of users a notification:

users = ["", ""]
provider.batch_notify(users, "Your account has been upgraded.")

Or reach all of your subscribers with a broadcast:

provider.broadcast "Maintenance has begun. We expect to be back up 15 minutes."

Want to know more? Check out our API docs and the examples for all the details.


Copyright (c) 2010 Boxcar. MIT Licensed.

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