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Tiny App that plays FreeCodeCamp's Code Radio. No more heavy browsers in background!
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FreeCodeCamp CodeRadio

I know you guys are tired of keeping a tab open on the over-weight Chrome, just to listen to the awesome FreeCodeCamp tunes. This project aims to create a fairly light app that plays CodeRadio, without the need to run RAM Sucking Chrome.

Note Currently, this project runs on Neutralino, but I have plans to make a library independent binary.

This app runs on Windows and Linux at this time. There's no MacOS support by Neutralino, so I can't do anything about it.

PS: Firefox is no exception.

PPS: This project is in alpha stage. There are many things broken (what can you expect from a program made in 2 hours by a noob?). I am working on them.


The app is consuming about 15-20Mb of RAM on both my Windows and Linux machines. Much better than 500Mb RAM hogged by Chrome.


  • Working Streams from API
  • Switch streams based on audio quality
  • Update Metadata like current song and number of listeners
  • Add Album art
  • Sync time with API
  • Get rid of ugly interface (maybe not :P)
  • Add music visualizer


Download the zip or tar.gz from the releases page

  • Execute like a normal app on Windows.

  • Linux Only (from terminal):

    • Change to the directory
    • chmod +x coderadio
    • ./coderadio


(MIT 2019 Boxdox)[]

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