Check that the indents in your code align with the parenthesis
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Validate Indent

validate-indent is a clojure program to validate indents in clojure source code. Example:

For this file:

(defn foo [a b c]
  (if (and (= a 1) (= b 3)))
    (prn "foo")
    (prn "bar")

Will give you an error on line 3 because there's an indent without a corresponding opening brace/paren.

To look at a bit more complex example clone the repo and run it with lein run test/file_with_bad_indents.clj will give the output test/file_with_bad_indents.clj: 12, 16, 23 to show that those line numbers are the ones I screwed up the indenting on to create the example :P