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How do I get fanart to show up?

For movies

Every movie must be in its own folder. Within that folder next to the video files there must be a file called fanart.jpg. Your movie folder should typically look like this:

+- [MovieName]
   +- [MovieName].nfo
   +- [MovieName].mkv
   +- folder.jpg
   +- fanart.jpg

For TV Shows

For TV Shows every TV Show must be in its own folder. And every episode must be in a separate Season folder for the season it is in. The fanart.jpg must then be placed in the main TV Show folder. Your TV Show folder should typically look like this:

+- [TVShowName]
   +- tvshow.nfo
   +- folder.jpg
   +- fanart.jpg
   +- Season 1
   |  +- [TVShowName] 1x01 - [Title].mkv
   |  +- [TVShowName] 1x01 - [Title].tbn
   |  +- [TVShowName] 1x01 - [Title].nfo
   |  +- ...
   +- Season 2
   |  +- ...
   +- ...

How can I get those 3D and Music overlays to show up

The 3D and Music overlays use the Genre to identify whether they should be displayed. To add the 3D overlay simply add the genre 3D to the NFO:


To add the Music overlay do the same but then with either Music or Concert

After install, do I still need the USB stick?

No it is only used during install, and can be removed afterwards.

How to use telnet and ftp

First find the IP address of your Boxee Box. You'll find it in Settings->Network->Network. It should show under IP address the address you need to use. Then either on a command line, or using the windows Run command enter: telnet [THAT.IP.ADDRESS] 2323

You should be greeted with a request for a password. The default password is "secret" but you can change that in the BOXEE+ settings menu.

Alternatively, you can use FTP to connect to your Boxee Box. In your favorite FTP client (WinSCP and Filezilla are popular) enter the Boxee Box's IP address as the host name, select FTP (no encryption), leave the port field empty or at 21, and anonymous login.

I like spiffy blobs and colors. I want more visualisers when listening to music

Boxee has one default boring music visualiser. Can we change that? Yes you can. You can FTP to your Boxee Box and put new visualisers in the /opt/boxee/visualisations/projectM folder. These visualisers need to be in the .milk format. You can download loads from the ProjectM or XBMC website. We already put fortysix in there to get you started.

Does installing BOXEE+ remove any functionality? Like e.g. LiveTV?

Nope. Everything keeps working, we only added things. If something gets replaced (e.g. the home screen's featured content) then there will always be a setting to enable/disable it to get it back to the way it was.

However we're just human and we forget things, or overlook things. So if something does break by accident, let us know by adding an issue on the Github issue list.

The install failed. What went wrong?

First check:

  • Did the logo turn red, but nothing changed? If so go back into Settings -> Network -> Servers and make sure the "Enable Windows file sharing" option is checked. If not enable it, and reboot your Boxee Box.

Nothing? Then check:

  • Your USB stick should be formatted and named BOXEE (all uppercase). Also make sure you use at least FAT32 or NTFS and NOT FAT (also known as FAT16)
  • Did you put the content of the install folder on the USB disk? And not the entire install folder? You should in the root have only four things:,, and support
  • Did you make any typos on the Boxee Box? You should add the hack string (;sh /media/BOXEE/ to your hostname. So if your hostname is "boxeebox" (the default) then you should change it into "boxeebox;sh /media/BOXEE/". Copy everything exactly including spaces, slashes and capitals vs. lowercase.
  • Make sure you enabled the "Enable Windows file sharing" checkbox

If it still doesn't work:

  • Did the Boxee logo on the box turn red? If not, there is something still wrong with your USB stick
  • If the logo did turn red, then check if your Boxee Box is connected to the internet. This is required to get the latest version
  • If you cannot get internet to work copy the "hack" folder into the root of you USB stick. This will make the installer use that one instead of the latest one from the internet
  • If all else fails, ask on the forums for help

Something went wrong and now my Boxee Box keeps restarting

This is usually when something is really wrong with the installer on your USB drive. This shouldn't ever happen, but if it does, don't panic. Just unplug the USB stick and everything should work again.

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