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# Run Boxen.
require "pathname"
if ENV["USER"] == "root"
abort "Run this as a normal user, I'll sudo if I need to."
# Make sure only one boxen process runs at a time.
myself = __FILE__
unless myself.flock File::LOCK_EX | File::LOCK_NB
abort "You're already running a boxen process! Know a patience."
# Yeah yeah, I like to be explicit.
at_exit { myself.flock File::LOCK_UN }
# Put us where we belong, in the root dir of our boxen repo.
Dir.chdir + "../.."
# Auto-update code. This is done as early as possible so that changes
# to boxen support code or dependencies can be grabbed.
puts "\e[0;36m--> Preparing to auto-update...\e[0m"
def no_pull_arg?(arg)
%w[--no-pull -h -? --help].include?(arg) ||
[/-service/].any? { |regex| regex.match(arg) }
def update_failed(*args)
puts "\e[1;31mWould you like to run Boxen anyway, without the latest updates?\e[0m [y/N]"
if $stdin.gets.chomp.downcase != 'y'
puts "Ok, bailing out!"
exit 1
def skip_auto_update(reason, long_description = nil)
puts "\e[0;33m--> Skipping auto-update, #{reason}\e[0m"
if long_description
# Un-indent the long description, since it's usually come from an indented
# HEREDOC style string
indent = long_description.scan(/^\s*/).min_by{|l|l.length}
long_description.each_line do |line|
puts "\e[0m" + line.gsub(/^#{indent}/, '').chomp + "\e[0m"
puts "For more info on how the simple git-based updates work, have a gander at"
puts ""
current_branch ='.git') ? %x(git symbolic-ref HEAD).chomp : ''
if ENV["BOXEN_NO_PULL"] || ARGV.any? { |arg| no_pull_arg?(arg) }
skip_auto_update "as requested"
elsif !".git")
skip_auto_update "since this isn't a git checkout yet"
elsif current_branch.empty?
update_failed "because your boxen checkout isn't on a branch", <<-END
This is unusual, and will prevent me from updating in the future, too.
Unless you know what you're doing, and expect to be in a "detached HEAD"
state (which sounds quite uncomfortable!), I recommend that you do this
to get sorted out:
cd #{Dir.pwd}
git checkout master
For serious, you probably don't want to run with a detached head.
elsif current_branch != "refs/heads/master"
skip_auto_update "because your boxen checkout isn't on master", <<-END
Working on something special, over here on a branch? That's cool! Once
you're done, you'll probably want to submit a pull request and get back
onto master so that you can get some sweet, sweet updates again, though.
elsif !%x(git status --porcelain).chomp.empty?
update_failed "because you've got uncommitted changes:", <<-END
#{%x(git status --porcelain)}
Since you've got some uncommitted changes to those files, I'm
going to take the safe road and not automatically update anything.
If you're actively working on some Boxen, maybe you'd like to
switch to a branch, rather than working on master? This way I'll
know that you're trying something new, and won't do things like
automatically update, or submit issues, while you're making
changes. It makes everyone's life a bit easier \xE2\x9D\xA4
Now, if you *weren't* expecting any changes, here's how to get
back on the golden path:
cd #{Dir.pwd}
git reset --hard origin/master
elsif !system("git fetch --quiet origin")
update_failed "because running `git fetch` failed", <<-END
Well that's disappointing! Are you having network trouble? Is
under attack? Given the potential for all sorts of boxen-y things failing
without the ability to pull from github, I'm going to abort for now.
Check that you can hit github, see if there are any ongoing issues with
the site and/or your network, and try again ASAP!
elsif %x(git rev-list --count origin/master..master).chomp != "0"
update_failed "because you have unpushed commits on master", <<-END
Committing directly to master? You should be ashamed!
It's ok, you're forgiven. But you probably want to push up your changes
soon. Even better, move them to a branch, push it and open a pull request!
git checkout -b my-cool-branch
git push -u origin my-cool-branch
git checkout master
git reset --hard origin/master
elsif %x(git rev-list --count HEAD..origin/master).chomp == "0"
puts "\e[0;36m--> Complete! Nothing new from upstream.\e[0m"
elsif !system("git reset --hard origin/master 2>&1 >/dev/null")
update_failed "because resetting to origin/master was unsuccessful"
elsif !system("git clean -qdf")
update_failed "because cleaning up your repo failed"
# Success!
ref = %x(git log -1 --pretty=format:%h)
puts "\e[0;32m--> Updated successfully to #{ref}!\e[0m"
# Make sure our local dependencies are up to date.
strap = %w(script/bootstrap --quiet --deployment --local --without development --no-cache)
abort "Can't bootstrap, dependencies are outdated." unless system *strap
# Set up our local configuration, deps, and load path.
load "config/basic.rb"
require "boxen/cli"
# Okay, let's run this thing.
exit ARGV