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Add sample hiera configuration

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dgoodlad committed Mar 18, 2014
1 parent 0d66ea7 commit c7aa51b0eb1fb0cc53b12988548969a66dab3f44
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@@ -1 +1,24 @@
# This file configures the hiera "database" for Boxen. As with most files in
# this repo, it's just an example, and you should feel free to make any
# changes suited to your organisation.
# The defaults here should give you a solid start; put global defaults in
# a file named hiera/common.yaml, and individuals can supplement and/or override
# them in hiera/{github_login}.yaml
- yaml
:datadir: "%{::boxen_home}/repo/hiera"
- "users/%{github_login}"
- common
# Many modules make their own hiera data available through the use of
# puppet-module-data. Some depend on the 'deeper' merge_behavior setting, so
# remove it at your own risk!
# ...
# besides the modules that use it, you might want to override deeply nested hash
# values, too!
:merge_behavior: deeper
@@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
# This is an example of the kinds of things that you can configure via hiera.
# If you've left the defaults in `/hiera.yml`, you might want to copy this file
# to `hiera/common.yaml`, or feel free to start with a blank slate!
# Have a gander at some of these examples to get an idea of some of the things
# that you can affect 'out of the box', and then customise to your
# heart's content.
# See for docs
ruby::global::version: "2.1.0"
ensure: v1.0.0
source: sstephenson/rbenv-vars
ensure: v20131225.1
source: sstephenson/ruby-build
2.0.0: 2.0.0-p353
# See for docs
java::update_version: 51

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