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What is the difference in the custom builds, and should they be included? (I realize this is customizable.)

Notice: /Stage[main]/Ruby::1-9-3-p231-tcs-github1/Ruby::Definition[1.9.3-p231-tcs-github1]/File[/opt/boxen/rbenv/plugins/ruby-build/share/ruby-build/1.9.3-p231-tcs-github1]/ensure: defined content as '{md5}d6aceb2781d00e2fb4dcd1d1c7e983b6'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Ruby/Exec[rbenv-rehash-post-install]/returns: executed successfully
Notice: /Stage[main]/Ruby::1-9-3-p231-tcs-github1/Ruby::Version[1.9.3-p231-tcs-github1]/Exec[ruby-install-1.9.3-p231-tcs-github1]/returns: executed successfully
Notice: /Stage[main]/Ruby::1-9-3-p231-tcs-github1/Ruby::Version[1.9.3-p231-tcs-github1]/File[/opt/boxen/rbenv/version]/ensure: created
skalnik commented Mar 4, 2013

I don't know if they /should/ be included or not (thought they are more out of the way as of puppet-ruby 2.0.0), but you can see the source of the custom build on

wfarr commented Mar 4, 2013

To elaborate on what @skalnik mentioned, our public fork of Ruby 1.9.3 is based off of The Code Shop's fork of Ruby 1.9.3 and aggregates a few extra patches for performance. As of newer versions of the ruby module, it is no longer the default 1.9.3 version for folks outside of GitHub, but it is still available to install as some folks may find our patches to their liking.

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