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Project Manifests

Project manifests live in modules/projects/manifests/$project.pp. A simple project manifest example:

class projects::trollin {
  include icu4c
  include phantomjs

  boxen::project { 'trollin':
    dotenv        => true,
    elasticsearch => true,
    mysql         => true,
    nginx         => true,
    redis         => true,
    ruby          => '1.9.3',
    source        => 'boxen/trollin'

With the above, as long as our app is configured to listen on a socket at "#{ENV['BOXEN_SOCKET_DIR']}"/trollin, you'll now be able to run its local server and visit http://trollin.dev/ to access the app in dev.

Provide the full repository URL in the 'source' option when referencing code that is not hosted at github.com, such as Github Enterprise repositories.

For further documentation on how to use the boxen::project type, take a look at the documentation in the source.