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stream dicom pixel data

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This project provides a Linux streaming server for full-resolution Dicom
pixel data. 

The code has been designed for speed and scalability.

Currently, it only supports single frame images.


0) boost thread library (
1) libev - high perf event loop (
2) libeio - event based, fully asynchronous IO library (
3) Imebra Dicom toolkit: I have forked a version of this excellent toolkit
and put it on Github. It is included as a submodule of DicomStream. 
4) Google protocol buffers: 
   Google's data interchange format (


After cloning this project, do the following:

A) set up git submodules

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

B) Install boost thread library

C) Install libev

D) Install libeio

F) install protocol buffers. protoc compiler is called from shell script
in DicomStream project. Change ROOT folder in to match your environment
(protoc does not accept relative paths)




- c# client 

- handle multi-frame images - For compressed images, assume that each frame is 
stored in a separate pixel chunk; otherwise, server must decode entire multi-frame
object and then serve frames one at a time.

- devise protobuf file format to serialize parser info; write parser info to disk
and use this for subsequent reads. PACS server will use same format.

- improve error handling, check for leaks, decide when to close connection
 with client(FIN socket, etc)


- improve prefetch
   a) open all files
   b) on open, do readahead if parser doesn't exist
   c) on readahead, do fadvise 
   d) on fadvise, exit

- flesh out installation guide

- in a branch, trim down Imebra to bare essentials, to avoid code bloat

- implement different streaming strategies on queue of frame groups, such as weighted round-robin 

- add Pantheios logging framework - replace printf statements
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