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Will my data be kept confidential?

Yes. We will never use your data without permission. Your data is stored in a secure location and will be deleted soon after you exit the browser session.

Is there a stand-alone version of LocusCompare?

Yes! You can download an R package called LocusComapreR here.

Can I download the GWAS studies hosted by LocusCompare?

Absolutely! Here is a link to a script with bash commands to download hundreds of GWAS studies, including all of those hosted on LocusCompare.

Can I add my study to LocusCompare?

Absolutely! Go to the "share" tab on the LocusCompare website and submit a request.

LocusCompare has crashed/not responsive. What do I do?

The server might be experiencing higher traffic than normal. You should wait a few minutes and refresh the page. If you believe you have found a bug, please submit a bug report here.

How do I cite LocusCompare?

Boxiang Liu, Michael J. Gloudemans, Abhiram S. Rao, Erik Ingelsson & Stephen B. Montgomery (2019) Abundant associations with gene expression complicate GWAS follow-up. Nature Genetics.

How long does it take to generate a plot?

It should take less than 30 seconds in the interactive plot mode. In the batch mode, it depends on the number of regions submitted.

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