A C#.NET project that is meant to be an image viewer without cruft. Plays animated GIF on the desktop!
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A simple desktop application to display images in an uncluttered way.


lightbox has two usage modes:

(1) just running the executable makes an Open File dialog upon which you can pick an image file to then view. The file types it supports are listed on the FreeImage page, plus SVG.

(2) on the command line, one can pass the filename as the first argument to the process.

Windows oddities

This is also implemented as a file handler via the registry entries and batch files. You have to run those to get file handling, they're a sort of makeshift installer.

I've made sure not to leave any cruft into the registry post-uninstallation, but just in case, the keys it modifies are HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\(.jpg|.png|.tif|.gif|.bmp)\OpenWithProgids\lightboxasdgasfggre and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lightboxasdgasfggre. Those are used to add the program into the Open With dialog. Another thing - since the registry needs fixed paths, the 'installation' process will create a copy of Lightbox.exe into C:\lightbox.

You can modify all of these inside the add_to_open_with(.bat|.reg) and remove_from_open_with(.bat|.reg) files.


I've got a Visual Studio 2012 project, but aside that, yeah, nothing really. I'll try and figure out a Mono compile someday.

Most image types are loaded using FreeImage (through FreeImage.NET) and a fork of SVG.NET. The 32-bit Dlls are included in the lib folder.

The large list of file extensions is maintained using the filetypes.py script. It generates a C# property file and the .reg files automagically.


Made primarily on Windows and for Windows, however I'm fairly sure this won't be hard to port to support Mono.

Made by boxmein 2014-04-14 02:25

Contributors: nucular