It's a link hiding service that asks for a CAPTCHA before serving you the link. It's like MailHide but more generic!
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links not for robots

wanna send a link you don't want robots to browse? or the NSA? use this handy website to block robots from entering!

oh, and as an extra, links will work forever, since link data is literally kept inside the URL (except it's encrypted with symmetrical magic, so only this site can decipher it, unless you can get to the private key... :^)

therefore, this does not serve as an URL shortener, rather an URL obfuscator.

Use the web app

Use the link creator to make your own link, and then just copy the link to wherever you want it! You can optionally also pass it through an URL shortener to make the long clumsy link shorter.

Run your own clone

Before you can run this web app, you have to give it some very secret data! Namely, your reCAPTCHA private and public keys, and a custom private key for links.

The keys are stored in a JSON file, which is called PRIVATE_DATA.json (quaint, huh) and should not be posted publicly. An example private data file has been provided. Your job is to fill in the keys.

$ cp PRIVATE_DATA.json.example PRIVATE_DATA.json

Running this program is simple:

$ npm install && node index.js

, where npm is the Node Package Manager. You ought to also have the Node.js runtime.

More help

Have questions? Found a bug? Mail me at, or simply leave an issue in the issue tracker.