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How to use this website

Started Games

This lists all the games that you have created. You can switch between games using the tab thing, and while viewing a specific game you can do things to the players listed.

On the left side of the player name is their current state - are they the murderer? Are they alive? Have they been suspected?

On the right side of the player name are options to edit the player and to delete the player. You have to long-press the delete button for it to apply.

New Game

Fill in the game name (displayed on the tab thing) and add a bunch of players to the list, then click Submit to save. That's about it.

How to play

  1. Find a bunch of people
  2. Assign one of them the role of murderer. The rest are regular folk.
  3. Wait for the murderer to do their thing
  4. The murderer wins if they kill every regular person.
  5. The people win if they can figure out the murderer in proper time.
  6. Rinse & repeat.

As a murderer:

Your job is to kill people without creating suspicion between the rest of the players. When someone sees you kill someone else, you have been exposed. It'd be wise for you to kill the witness as well.

Oh and by kill I mean tell them "You're now dead!". There are other variations but let's stick to this one.

You can 'kill' only one person at a time.

Be careful to leave no links between you and the victims, as dead people have to announce their deaths on Facebook promptly and you might be exposed!

You win when all people aside you have been killed. Good luck!

As a non-murderer:

Your job is to survive. You survive by figuring out who the murderer is before they have a chance at killing you. You're free to do any sort of investigation before actually accusing someone of murder.

When you accuse someone of murder, you put your own life on the line. If the person you accused was in fact the murderer, the game master (or they themselves) will admit it and 'die', meaning that regular people have won this game.

If, however, you accused someone who wasn't the murderer, it's you who dies instead.

As a dead person:

You just died. Post a comment on this week's Facebook post describing your time and place of death, but say nothing else. For you the game has just become a spectator sport. Dead people tell no tales!