Replaces [word] with [word2] on every webpage. You can specify your own replacements.
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shh this is what i meant

Goes across all your fancy little web pages and changes every occurrence of [specified word/phrase/string 1] to [speficied word/phrase/string 2]. Like the great and powerful cloud-to-butt extension, only it doesn't only change clouds to butts. Call it more generic.


I've produced different ways of using them akin to the old cloud-to-butt, of which one should at least fit to your niche hipster browser.

As userscript

There's a Greasemonkey-compatible user script inside userscript/. To modify your list of replacements, you must directly modify the Javascript replacements array with key-value pairs, like {from: "cloud", to: "butt"}

As Chrome extension

There's a valid unpacked Chrome extension under chrome-ext/, and you can use it by either loading the folder as an unpacked extension under chrome://extensions/ with Developer Mode toggled on, or alternatively you can use it by the CRX file I've provided under this repo's releases.

More to come maybe


Inspired by panicsteve/cloud-to-butt

Created by boxmein. Free to use by anyone and anything. The code is public domain, except parts stolen from panicsteve which are under whatever he serves them under.