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Fruity - The Box UK Package Manager

Fruity is a tool for monitoring repositories which contain libraries that can be built as packages. When tags are made in these repositories Fruity handles building the packages and adding them to whatever distribution method that library may be using. At the moment Fruity supports PEAR packages for PHP, and Clojars libraries for Clojure projects.


When you have everything set up running Fruity is as simple as editing the config file and then calling the binary.

./bin/fruity /path/to/config.clj

It's suggested to run this via a CI server (eg. Jenkins), or maybe just cron. Fruity is essentially just a wrapper for a bunch of other tools like...

  • PEAR
  • SVN
  • Pirum
  • Leiningen
  • Git

Building Fruity

To build the Fruity executable just use Leiningen.

lein bin

This will leave you with an executable boxuk.fruity-1.0.0.

Fruity Config File

Fruity uses a single configuration file, and provides a sample one you can copy (config.clj-sample). It's reccomended you take a copy of this file and put it in version control somewhere so it's safe.

PEAR Libraries

For PEAR libraries Fruity requires that you keep your entire PEAR channel in a Subversion repository. PEAR libraries have the type :pear. So first create a repository on your network to store this in. Then you'll need to set up a channel using Pirum.

When your channel is created you can add the info to your config file as explained in the sample file. Your library config will then look something like this...

{ :name "lib-name"
  :type :pear
  :scm :git
  :url "" }

You can also optionally specify a :packageCommand that will be used to build the PEAR package. If you don't specify this it defaults to pear package.

Clojars Projects

Adding a Clojure library for distribution on is easy. The library config will be something like this:

{ :name "some-name"
  :type :clojars
  :scm :svn
  :url "" }


Fruity supports storing projects in either Subversion of Git. For SVN projects specify the path to the root below the usual /trunk /tags and /branches. And for Git projects just give the path to the repository.

Git Tag Names

For Git projects tag names are assumed to be in the format vX.X.X. ie. a v as a prefix and then the version number.

Github Helper

When specifying your library config there's also a Github helper function which takes the user/organisation name, and the project name.

:libraries [
    (github "user" "project")
    (github "user" "another" {:type :clojars})

The optional third argument is a map that can override any other the config parameters you need to tweak.


If you're using an SCM or a repository that's not supported you can add these via a plugin. Check out the sample file, and the current implementations to see how. If you do write your own plugins please own a pull request to contribute them back!


Dual licensed under GPLv2 and MIT.

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