Clojure wrapper for the Trello API
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This repository is no longer maintained

We recommend this fork instead.


Clojure wrapper for the Trello API.

To generate your api key and api token visit:


Trello is available from To use it, add the following as a dependency in Leiningen.

[trello "0.1.2-SNAPSHOT"]


This library does NOT implement OAuth.

You'll need to get an access token from Trello. To do this you can use the following URL,write


The first things you'll need to do are to fetch an API key and auth token

(require [trello.core :as trello])

(def auth 
  {:key "YOURKEY"
   :token "YOURAUTHTOKEN"})

Listing all boards

(def auth 
  {:key "YOURKEY"
   :token "YOURAUTHTOKEN"})

(def all-boards (trello/boards auth))

(doseq [board all-boards]
  (println (:name board)))

Fetch a list of active Trello boards

(trello/active-board-names auth)

;; => ("Barnaby Edwards" "Business" "Gather Requirements (product backlog)" "General" "Programming/Study")


You can run this as a command line app using Lein. The CLI requires a file called config.clj to be set in the root directory with the following info


  :key "YOURKEY"
  :token "YOURTOKEN"

Show all your Trello boards

lein run boards

General notes

  • A memoized request can be produced by using the m- version of a function. I.e m-boards


Copyright © BoxUK

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.