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interface over node messagehub, which is an interface over RabbitMQ for doing simple job processing.

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Smart Jobs

This is a small wrapper over messagehub.js that adds queue callbacks for jobs.

example use:

var image_processing_hub = hub(args.rabbitmq,'simple.image.processing');
var image_processing_job = smart_job(image_processing_hub,'process pdf');
var image_processing_done = smart_job(image_processing_hub,'done with doc');

in the above example we create a hub via message hub, this sets the rabbitMQ config and gives our messages a namespace of 'simple.image.processing'

when we create a smart job image_processing_job it generates further name spaces 'process pdf' and 'finished process pdf'

Posting Jobs;

the above is an example of what one would do when they want to post a job. in this case the job is being posted to 'done with doc' queue in the 'simple.image.processing. name-space.

Working on Jobs


setting up a worker is just like message hub, minus the name-space. the done function takes a response message that is sent to the issuer of the job.

Responding to finished Jobs


The response is used when listening to a finished job. The job_response argument is sent via the worker that finished the job. otherwise .response is the same as .worker except that it's done callback doesn't take arguments.

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