Open Secure Telephony
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This is a part of the Open Secure Telephony Network project:

All of the necessary technologies and communications standards exist today for voice communications that is as secure as OpenPGP email. Many proprietary and open source solutions exist for desktop and mobile devices that already implement the necessary bits to provide a solution many times more secure than Skype, without dependence upon one global service provider. Yet people who are security conscious enough to use Skype to secure their computer based conversations will still hold sensitive discussion on mobile phones. The problem is simplicity, usability and reliability.

This project will provide an application for Android phones that will be only marginally more complex to use than dialing an existing phone number, while still being based entirely on open standards. The app itself is based on existing open source client code provided by the CSipSimple, pjsip and ZORG projects. We will coordinate with a network of audited, open service providers around the world who already provide free and commercial service to users, to ensure our users have an automated provisioning process to get connected.