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Passive Security Scanner (被动安全扫描器)
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W13scan is a proxy-based web scanner that runs on Linux/Windows/Mac systems.

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Pure Python and Python version >= 3

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📦 Install

$ sudo pip3 install w13scan

## update
$ sudo pip3 install -U w13scan


$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd master/W13SCAN
$ pip3 install -r ../requirement.txt
$ python3 -h

🔨 Usage

## help
$ w13scan -h

## running
$ w13scan -s

HTTPS Support

If you want w13scan to support https, similar to BurpSuite, first need to set up a proxy server (default, then go to to download the root certificate and trust it.

⌨ Development

from W13SCAN.api import Scanner

scanner = Scanner(threads=20)

By introducing the w13scan package, you can quickly create a scanner.


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