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Workbench - the VSCode Extension
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Workbench - the VSCode Extension

Group favorite files into a workbench!

The purpose of this extension is to be a small helper that collects all your favorite files together (into a workbench) and provides an easy navigation between them.

This is a beta version. Please read the roadmap and raise an issue if you see how this extension can be made better!


Mark a file as favorite from the Command Palette or editor’s Title Menu.

adding a file from title menu

Browse favorite files with a Alt+Q shortcut (type to filter by alias):

browsing files

To rename an alias of a favorite file:

  • Open the config file (command: Workbench: Open Config)
  • Edit the alias manually
  • Reload the config file (command: Workbench: Reload Config)


  • Adding a file to the workbench (command: Workbench: Add File)
    • As a relative path
    • Duplicates are rejected
    • Parent directory name used as prefix (can be disabled through configuration foxWorkbench.prefixAliasWithDirName)
  • Listing files from a workbench (i.e. browsing favorites)
    • Command: Workbench: List Files
    • Shortcut: Alt+Q (works in the editor and on explorer)
    • An alias is created with a prefix number
    • The list is sorted by alias
  • Open all favorite files
    • Command: Workbench: Open All Files
  • Removing an opened file from the workbench (command: Workbench: Remove Current File)
  • Removing chosen file from the workbench (command: Workbench: Remove Chosen File)
  • Removing all files (i.e. clearing the workbench) (command: Workbench: Clear All Files)
    • With confirmation dialog
  • Data are stored as an easily accessible JSON file (config)
    • Location: ./.vscode/workbench.json
  • Reloading the config file
    • Command: Workbench: Reload Config
  • Opening the config file for edit
    • Command: Workbench: Open Config
    • File is not reloaded automatically, use Workbench: Reload Config command

Development Notes

  • TypeScript 2 is used
  • Promises are handled with await operator


  • External editions of storage file (workbench.json) should trigger a reload of in-memory data
  • Editing file aliases
  • [Epic] Switch between multiple workbenches

Known Issues

  • Editing an alias requires triggering a config reload File aliases can be renamed to anything by editing the workbench.json file and invoking Workbench: Reload Config. There are features on the roadmap to enable automatic reloads and allow alias editing from a command.
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