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[topicsClear, updateSave, fetchMail, isPostIndexed, unwatch, extensions, recoverPasswordValidate, search, findUser, processData, quotaLimitSave, groups, forumTopics, editDone, searchKarma, vote, menu, extensionsUpdate, savePost, recentTopics, showTopicsByUser, doSave, view, review, filters, extensionGroupsSave, checkInformation, inbox, topicPosts, insertSave, registrationComplete, previewPost, delete, listByUser, reply, activateManual, acceptAgreement, moderation, luceneNotEnabled, sendSave, postsClear, denied, banned, up, logout, unwatchForum, down, insert, createIndexDirectory, bbReload, send, save, validateLogin, show, listGroup, smiliesReload, sendTestMail, rankingReload, permissions, login, loadPostContents, welcome, showActivityLog, newMessages, sendTo, extensionGroups, watch, lostPasswordSend, extensionsSave, editSave, downloadAttach, sessionClear, groupsSave, anonymousIsDenied, reconstructIndexFromScratch, permissionsSave, extensionGroupsUpdate, readAll, preList, configurationsSave, topicsMoreInfo, activateAccount, quotaGroupsSave, quotaLimit, doInstall, watchForum, approveMessages, generate, postsMoreInfo, moderationDone, moveTopic, doModeration, quote, read, redirect, quotaLimitUpdate, profile, pendingActivations, cancelIndexing, lostPassword, edit, finished, list, main, modulesReload, recoverPassword, waitingModeration, configurations, groupSearch, listSmilies, sentbox, disabled]
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