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There is currently a lot of work going on around web performance and some new awesome features coming out.

Every feature we add has an impact on the performance of our applications and can effect the end user experience. Performance budgets are a great way to keep your applications fast.

Addy Osmani has written a great article on performance budgets, and he says...

Performance budgets usher a culture of accountability that enable stakeholders to weigh the impact to user-centric metrics of each change to a site. Talk to your organization and see if you can get by in to adopt performance budgets for your projects. If it's worth getting fast, it's worth staying fast. ❤️

Lighthouse has recently come out with a great feature that allows you to capture and set budgets on a given website.

performance-budgets was built from inspiration from these articles and also built to give developers an easy way to get started with performance budgets for free. performance-budgets was built with continuous-integration in mind, allowing developers to run one command to check budgets against any given url.

In the future we hope to add more features to the project and start to monitor other stats.

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