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Plugin for managing wordpress blog from Vim.
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#Welcome VimRepress is a plugin for managing WordPress blog from Vim, using Markdown syntax.


  • NEW/EDIT/DELETE WordPress Posts/Pages.
  • In both Markdown / HTML format.
  • Markdown text can be configured to be stored in the custom fields of WordPress.
  • Upload attachments.
  • Insert code highlight section.
  • Preview a posts in local compiled version, or remote draft.
  • account supported.
  • Multiple account supported.

##Commands Reference

  • BlogList [post|page]
  • BlogNew [post|page]
  • BlogSave [publish|draft]
  • BlogPreview [local|publish|draft]
  • BlogUpload *[path/to/your/local/file]
  • BlogOpen *[post id or full article URL]
  • BlogSwitch [0,1,2 ... N, number of account in your config]
  • BlogCode [type of lang for the <pre> element]

(Commands with a *, argument must be present.)


Create file ~/.vimpressrc in the following format:

blog_url =
username = admin
password = 123456

blog_url =
username = someone
password =
store_markdown = n

blog_url =
username = someone
password =

Hardcoding the password is optional. If a password is not provided the plugin will prompt for one the first time it's needed.

store_markdown is also optional. If not specified then Markdown text will be stored in custom fields of WordPress. If set to n then the Markdown text will not be stored.

###For Upgraded Users

Defining account info in .vimrc is now obsolesced, if you have correspond defination in .vimrc (for older version vimpress), they will automaticly copied into ~/.vimpressrc, now you're safe to remove the VIMPRESS defination in .vimrc.

Users from the 2.x.x versions of vimrepress, need to run the to upgrade the their posts data to be compatible with the 3.x.x version of vimrepress, or their Markdown source can not be used to re-edit by a newer vimrepress.

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