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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import json
import math
import codecs
class VectorCompare:
def magnitude(self, concordance):
if type(concordance) != dict:
raise ValueError('Supplied Argument should be of type dict')
total = 0
for word, count in concordance.iteritems():
total += count ** 2
return math.sqrt(total)
def relation(self, concordance1, concordance2):
if type(concordance1) != dict:
raise ValueError('Supplied Argument 1 should be of type dict')
if type(concordance2) != dict:
raise ValueError('Supplied Argument 2 should be of type dict')
relevance = 0
topvalue = 0
for word, count in concordance1.iteritems():
if word in concordance2:
topvalue += count * concordance2[word]
if (self.magnitude(concordance1) * self.magnitude(concordance2)) != 0:
return topvalue / (self.magnitude(concordance1) * self.magnitude(concordance2))
return 0
def concordance(self, document):
con = {}
for word in document.split(' '):
if word in con:
con[word] = con[word] + 1
con[word] = 1
return con
def load_database():
with'database_keywords.json', 'r', 'utf-8') as file:
database =
licenses = json.loads(database)
vector_compare = VectorCompare()
for license in licenses:
license['clean'] = clean_text(license['text'])
license['concordance'] = vector_compare.concordance(license['clean'])
return licenses
def find_possible_licence_files(project_directory):
# Check the base for a LICENCE file or README which contains one
directory_list = os.listdir(project_directory)
possible_files = [project_directory + x for x in directory_list if 'license' in x.lower() or 'copying' in x.lower()]
if len(possible_files) == 0:
possible_files = [project_directory + x for x in directory_list if 'readme' in x.lower()]
return possible_files
def clean_text(text):
text = text.lower()
text = ' '.join(text.split())
return text
def _keyword_guess(check_license, licenses):
matching = []
for license in licenses:
keywordmatch = 0
for keyword in license['keywords']:
if keyword in check_license:
keywordmatch = keywordmatch + 1
if len(license['keywords']):
if keywordmatch >= 1:
'shortname': license['shortname'],
'percentage': (float(keywordmatch) / float(len(license['keywords'])) * 100)
return matching
def guess_license(check_license, licenses):
matching = _keyword_guess(check_license, licenses)
matches = []
vector_compare = VectorCompare()
for match in matching:
for license in [x for x in licenses if x['shortname'] in [y['shortname'] for y in matching]]:
licence_concordance = vector_compare.concordance(license['clean'])
check_license_concordance = vector_compare.concordance(check_license[:len(license['clean'])])
relation = vector_compare.relation(license['concordance'], check_license_concordance)
if relation >= 0.85:
matches.append((relation, license))
return matches
def read_clean_file(filename):
with, 'r', 'utf-8') as file:
contents = clean_text(
return contents
if __name__ == '__main__':
licenses = load_database()
project_directory = '/Users/boyter/Documents/Projects/'
possible_files = find_possible_licence_files(project_directory)
for possible_file in possible_files:
potential_license = read_clean_file(possible_files[0])
guess = guess_license(potential_license, licenses)
print guess[0][0], guess[0][1]['shortname'], possible_file
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(project_directory):
for file in [root + '/' + x for x in files if x.endswith('.js') or x.endswith('.java') or x.endswith('.py') or x.endswith('.c') or 'copying' in x.lower() or 'license' in x.lower()]:
content = None
content = read_clean_file(file)
pass # We have issues reading binary files, just swallow the error
if content:
matches = {}
guess = guess_license(content, licenses), file
if len(guess[0]) != 0:
print guess[0][0][0], guess[0][0][1]['shortname'], file