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An Alfred 2 workflow that allows you to control Reign for Spotify.
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Reign for Spotify.alfredworkflow

Reign for Spotify Alfred 2 Workflow

This workflow will allow you to control Reign for Spotify. Reign is an app that will allow you to remote control any Mac running Spotify from any device with a web browser.

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Main features:

  • Play/pause/next/previous tracks;
  • Copy the artist and title to your clipboard;
  • Open the current song in Spotify.

Installation & Setup

I'm assuming you've already installed Reign. If you haven't, please visit

  1. Download the latest workflow file;
  2. Install by double-clicking it;
  3. Press your Alfred shortcut and type reign [ip/hostname]:[port], return;
  4. That's it, now just type reign [command].


The following commands are currently supported.

  • reign host [ip/hostname]:[port], change the Reign host;
  • reign np, show the Now Playing info;
  • reign n, next song;
  • reign p, previous song;
  • reign s, toggle play/pause;
  • reign o, open the current song in your own Spotify client.


Feel free to add more commands or improve the quality of this rough first version of the workflow.

Follow the Quick Start Guide to setup a development environment for your fork.


To Zhao Cai for making the Alfred 2 Workflow Ruby Template.

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